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74% of people say they use Facebook for professional services (Hubspot, 2017), and it continues to be a powerful platform for small businesses. A common mistake, however, is to create a Facebook business page and post information about your product or service and not actively engage users or have a strategy to increase page likes and followers. Customers increasingly use social media to communicate with companies, so if you aren't actively monitoring your social media accounts you could be losing customers as well.

Facebook Helps Small Businesses Grow

A Facebook business page is a great opportunity for small businesses to build their brand, increase sales and interact with consumers. Most consumers go online before deciding to purchase a product or s..., and they pay particular attention to social media page(s). If you aren't on Facebook (and other popular social media platforms) and actively managing your account, you are missing out on new business opportunities.

Five Tips and Best Practices to Increase Facebook Engagement:

Content is King: Simply posting product listings or company information over and over is not going to compel consumers to follow your page. Be creative with the company content you post and tell the story of who you are and what your company stands for. Post about employees, share anecdotes and post images that are compelling. Share cutting edge industry information and articles that keep users coming back for more. Use appropriate humor and inspiring messages to engage people and encourage sharing. 

Get Active and Give Back: Look for groups and other pages in your industry and actively engage with these communities. Make connections and share content, and other people will reciprocate and share yours. Don't just take from these communities - give back. When posting, be sure it is user-focused and not company-focused. Always keep in mind what you are giving to the reader, whether it's information, promotions, solving a problem or just a simple thank you.

Be Responsive: Monitor your Facebook page daily, and be sure to respond to comments, likes and share in a timely fashion. Remember to say thank you! Being responsive on social media is an indicator that you will be responsive to your customers as well.

Monitor Your Analytics: Facebook provides insights and analytics that are useful in tracking user engagement. Monitor which posts perform well (and which don't) and adjust your content and posting schedule accordingly. Watch for patterns, like which time(s) of the day get the most engagement. Track who is liking your page and reciprocate (where appropriate).

Use Social Media Mangement Tools: At this point, you're probably thinking: "This all sounds great, but where will I find the time?" There are many social media management platforms, like Hootsuite, that can help you monitor your page activity and automate your posting. Another alternative is to engage a marketing agency, but make sure you employ one that understands your market niche and has a pricing structure that works for small business

Ready to UnLeash Your Facebook Marketing?

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