Magento is quite well known for its flexibility. And that is one of the reasons for its popularity. SuiteCRM, on the other hand, is the most popular open source CRM solution for SMEs that comes with its own set of enterprise level features.

Your e-commerce platform and CRM solution forms the foundation of your online store and if you are already using Magento and SuiteCRM integrating both of them can let you nurture your ecommerce customers better and increase your revenue.

Why Integrate Magento and SugarCRM?

Let’s first understand why you should integrate the two:

  • Your accounting and sales team can sync all your business related data, orders, and customer information from your Magento system to SuiteCRM directly.
  • There won’t be any more requirement of keeping duplicate order and customer entries.
  • Customer orders and order status can be processed within SuiteCRM as it is integrated with your e-commerce platform.
  • The integration facilitates the improvement of your functional efficiencies.

How To Integrate Magento and SugarCRM

The integration between Magento and SuiteCRM can be facilitated by Biztech’s Magento SuiteCRM integration solution. It’s a two way process for most modules and one way for some. Integration of data can be done from Magento to SuiteCRM or vice versa.

The solution includes:

  • A custom Magento extension to be used in the process. All default modules of Magento can be used here.
  • A custom SuiteCRM plugin which is to be installed in your SuiteCRM copy. You can select custom modules like for the order, product, category, and default mode for customers.
  • A PHP based integration gateway that run on our server. It is responsible for receiving data from SuiteCRM/Magento and passing it to the other system. When the integration is active, you can transfer data from Magento to SuiteCRM and SuiteCRM to Magento.

The following modules can be linked using the integration solution provided by us:

How To Integrate Magento and SugarCRM

Other modules can also be integrated by requesting for additional customization.

Biztech’s Integration Gateway

Our Gateway provides you up to date information on the data that has synced between both the systems. It has a fresh and user friendly interface to ease your work. The major elements of our Gateway are:



The admin can access the dashboard after logging in to the integration gateway. There you can see interactive charts and tabs making it easy to access required information. The synced logs and other issues can be accesses from the menu bar.

Customer Module

Customer Module

The complete portfolio of your customers along with all other information is integrated in SuiteCRM and users can view it with all details synced. It includes aspects like First Name, Last Name, Email, Billing Address, Shipping Address, etc. The syncing process directly reflects all this data in Magento.

Product Module

Product Module

This module offers a complete overview of the accounting/sales and inventory details of any product of specific customer. Customized modules of SuiteCRM with basic details like SKU, Name, Description, Price, etc. have been used in the syncing process.

Order Module

Order Module

It provides you a complete picture of sales and order status details. You can keep a track of the customer name, product details, payment method, order amount, etc. If product of order line exists in your CRM, then the order line is also synced with the integration. For this module, basic details have been used in the syncing process which includes Order No. customer, Customer Address, Shipping Description, Items, rate, Quantity, Amount, Grand Total etc.

To conclude

Apart from making your management work easier, the integration helps your business generate leads and conversions in SuiteCRM by keeping you up to date on buyer actions on your Magento based ecommerce store. You can further analyze crucial data related to customer behavior and use it for the further progress of your business. Also, you can target potential customers for promotional activities and product marketing.

With the integration, handling all this becomes very convenient and effortless for you. To know more about the solution, visit the product page.

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