How to Make Money as a Modern Professional DJ coming into 2020

Being a DJ is arguably one of the most enjoyable professions in existence. Playing music to an adoring crowd of people. But something that many of us quickly realise when we take that first step into the industry is that it isn’t quite as easy as we imagined it to be. No matter the skill set, it isn’t that glamorous. At the beginning there’s a striking lack of backstage parties, a notable absence of super fans, and most importantly, a you can find a lack of work available to you to grab hold of.

The DJ world is highly competitive.

Many people know a good DJ, and as a result, getting gigs can be challenging.
This can make it incredibly difficult to make a living as a ‘professional’ DJ and suddenly our dream job isn’t what we thought it would be but there are a few things we can do to keep the work floating in and build our reputation as a solid and high-quality DJ. You have all the necessary equipment to make some money as a DJ.

"Being a professional DJ is challenging but with the right attitude and solid back up you can go far. Even to the very top" - - World renowned DJ Specialists and DJ Finance Experts.

Get Super and I mean Super Busy Online

A large part of getting work and developing a solid reputation comes down to building an online presence and promoting the absolute heck out of yourself. With the advent of FacebookLive you can promote your live playing to all of your friends list and indeed the world this a great platform to use. You should have streaming and downloadabkle places to showcase your talents such as MixCloud and SoundCloud. The online world had millions of potential customers so make the use of it.

Make More Friends

This means taking the time out of your schedule to network, and network hard.
Familiarise yourself with local clubs, and get friendly with promoters, bartenders, and if possible, club owners. Put yourself at the forefront of their minds, and give them the opportunity to listen to some of your. If you can bring 20+ people on your first night and you’re starting to look like a pretty safe bet.

DJ Weddings and Functions

When you are first starting out and trying to build a presence within the local club scene, working as a wedding DJ is a great way to get a bit of extra cash into your bank account, while also providing you with an opportunity to hone your live skills and if you want your personal brand to remain separate from the event DJ industry but you can sign with an event firm. This will allow you to work as a wedding DJ covertly, ensuring that you can keep paying the bills while continually building up your personal DJ entity.

Explore Every Avenue

As a DJ, you have a somewhat unique set of skills. You can capitalise on these skills in an online setting, allowing you to make some money and build your brand even further. And as a bonus, you can think outside the box on these. You could work as a freelance musician, creating tracks for websites and video advertisements.

You could create and sell “how to DJ’” tutorials, providing video demonstrations of specific skills and techniques. This could also revolve around the specific software you recommend, and the equipment that you believe to be most beneficial. You could start a blog, vlog, or a podcast. The online world is literally your oyster – so make the most of it!

Takeaway Message

As much as it pains me to say, the DJ world is not as easy and as glamorous as it was once made out to be. To make it as a DJ in this modern age, you need to be highly skilled, extremely dedicated, and incredibly savvy. In saying that, making money as a DJ isn’t impossible. By using some of the tips outlined in this article, you can slowly build your brand and work yourself towards becoming a full-time DJ – all while paying the bills on time.

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