How to Make Pop-Ups Work for Your E-Commerce Store

Pop-ups are those little advertising boxes that pop up or out when you are reading some information on a site. They annoyingly interrupt your online experience, and you must look for the x-sign to close them. Sometimes you will unknowingly open them. In as much as the pop-ups can be annoying to the visitor, they work well for the e-commerce store.

The objective of a pop-up is to give a compelling call to action. They inform the visitor about new products, discounts, and sales. An e-commerce store created by a white label web design specialist paired with a great pop-up leads to more sales, and ultimately that is what we want.

Below we explore exactly how pop-ups can be such a boon to online business’ digital marketing efforts.

Collect Email Addresses Using Pop-Ups

Most of the times, the visitors do not come back to the site after they get the information they were looking for. Therefore, you must create the opportunity to bring them back by creating a possible channel of communication. By adding the guest to your mailing list, you will be able to email them about your products, services, upcoming sales, and special events.

It is much easier to launch an email marketing campaign when you already have a mailing list that comprises of people who have an idea about your business.

Why you should use pop-ups for your E-commerce store

Pop-ups are a cost-effective, convenient way of marketing because once programmed; they materialize automatically. Other advantages of pop-ups are;

  1. Visibility- Once a pop-up has been incorporated into a website, the visitors cannot help seeing it. It catches their attention by the way it interrupts them. However, its design will determine whether the visitor will take the bait or not. To get an eye-catching design for your pop-up, it is advisable that you hire a professional to do it for you.
  2. Instant feedback from clients- Setting up a pop-up on the FAQ page will make it easy for your clients to contact you. They will send you inquiries, concerns, and complaints. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to learn how the customers feel about your products, services, and your firm in general.
  3. Increase in traffic conversion- Studies show that pop-ups are 13 times more efficient in producing clicks and opt-in subscribers than ordinary banners. Therefore, adding it to your design is an excellent way to increase followers and raise the market base for your products and services.
  4. They focus on one message- Your site and affiliated sites have different content about different subjects. Creating a pop-up will capture attention to the message it bears.
  5. They have a higher ROI potential as compared to other marketing channels- Apart from getting an expert to do your pop-up, and maybe paying a little amount per click on affiliated sites, pop-ups cost nothing more, hence a higher ROI.
  6. You can make them less intrusive- You can request your designer to do small pop-ups that won't cover the whole page when a visitor is reading from the site.

How to make pop-ups work for your E-commerce store

It is a thin line between pop-up successes and fails. The way it is designed, and the timing has everything to do with its success or fail. To benefit from it, you will have to;

  1. Give it a perfect timing- There are four different timings for pop-ups. They are; when a visitor gets to the site, when he/she stays for some time, when they complete a given action, or when they are about to leave the page. Showing a pop-up immediately a visitor hits your page could guarantee you a long list of email subscribers.

The downside to this is that the visitors might not have had the time to consider your products and services before subscribing. Eventually, they will unsubscribe. Giving the visitor some time to view your page before you block it could yield better results. Choose the right timing depending on the technicality of your products and services.

  1. Choose the right message- It is crucial to choose the correct wording. It is just like creating an ad. The message should be eye-catching, attractive, and straight to the point. It should present a clear benefit and a compelling call to action.

Consider using a catchy headline, exciting facts, and impressive numbers to catch the visitor's attention. Remember you only have a second to pique their interest because most of them tend to close a pop-up immediately it shows up.

  1. Offer something valuable- The products and services you are selling must be good enough to justify interrupting the visitor's business on the site.
  2. Disable them for mobile- Did you know that Google penalizes sites that do not disable pop-ups for mobiles? Now you know.
  3. Be selective with the pages- Identify the most relevant page for a pop-up. It would be so easy for you to get enthusiastic followers if it is related to the information the visitor is looking for from the site. However, most of the times this will not be possible, just avoid having them on all the pages.

Reasons why pop-ups fail

  1. Making them too large- When a pop-up blocks an entire page, or even halfway, the visitor will either close the pop-up or exit your site.
  2. Making them too difficult to close- Most sites make the closing x too tiny, almost invisible. It gives the visitors the feeling that you are forcing them to view it.
  3. Some pop-ups, especially the ones that contain scripts slow down page load time.
  4. An unworthy message can be very annoying for the visitors.
  5. Poor Design – Work with a white label web designer to create a pop-up that converts rather than scares customers away.

Using pop-ups is a great way to cut on online marketing costs, it gives you an opportunity to collect emails and get instant feedback from clients. They are also visible, and they concentrate on one message, therefore increasing the conversion rate.

For your pop-up to be efficient, it must have the perfect timing, valuable information, and it should appear on carefully selected pages. Making them too large and hard to close, will force the visitor to exit the site.

For advice and help in designing your pop up, it is best to contact a reliable pop-up designer. They will advise on the size, timing, and type of pop-up fit for your E-commerce store, depending on what you are marketing.

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