How To Nurture Your Sales Cycle with CRM Map Integration?

CRM software is an essential element of any type of industry these days. It helps a business to keep track of their customers, their activity and confidential business data.

There are many CRM available catering to different sizes of business and organizations. Dynamics CRM is one of the most versatile CRM software that can add efficiency to your business in more than one ways. It is said to be versatile CRM because of the numerous features it provides, which includes lead management, contact management, campaign management, reports, emails, and much more. Additionally, they have different layouts, modules, and fields for different teams like sales, marketing, etc.

With all these features, roles and multiple accesses, it might get a bit tricky to manage your customer data in an organized way. Some teams might need access to sales & income related fields while some might need just basic customer information.

With the current advancements going in the tech field, there is always a way to facilitate access to the data. Let’s say if we target one of the segments of CRM users which is the sales team, then they need to operate it on a daily base to schedule their regular customer meetings.

To make the flow easier for the whole sales team, there is one extension for dynamics CRM map integration that lets you project all of your sales data onto the maps.

This way you can visualize the data on the map effectively. Having the geographical idea about your sales figures would make it more effective for all your CRM users. Based on the data available on the map, salespeople can divert their energy and efforts in the required direction. It could be a great source to develop your sales development.

And that’s not it! Here are some of the other ways the dynamics CRM map integration works magic for any company.

Identify the Scope:

Mapping CRM data would help you identify effective areas producing higher sales. This overview is provided to you with a user-friendly and easy to understand interface. The sales manager can keep an eye out for the highest and lowest performing areas from the plotted records. Once he gets an idea about such data, then he will be able to take the informed decisions.

Such CRM map integrations would help you and your customers connect on a better level. Various features like a heat map, summary cards, etc. would fuel the sales process. Moreover, you can highlight the area with a number of customer records and sales.

Enhanced Team Management:

It becomes a herculean task to manage the multiple sales reps on the field. The communication with them after and before meetings is an important aspect. For a sales rep, it could be easy to pass the message to the sales manager. But for a sales manager, it can be a tedious task to communicate with multiple reps.

With the CRM Map integration, a manager can easily communicate with their sales reps, assign them daily tasks from the tool itself. This way, they can manage the activity of sales reps on the field effectively.

Availability of Data:

It is important to have access to data whenever needed. Especially when you are not online, it is important that you fetch the data on time. Even if you have access to CRM from your mobile devices, a poor internet connection, network issues could be the obstacles in your way.

Simultaneously, if you have the CRM map integration tool, a sales rep can easily download the customer data specific to the area he is handling. This way they can leverage the offline data whenever they want to.

Effective Analysis:

A geo-analytical dashboard in your CRM serves not one but many purposes. Whenever users login into the CRM, they easily get the overview of overall activities of the current sales cycles. With the help of dynamics CRM mapping tool, a salesperson would be able to get an overview of the sales figures, sales performance, activity, and what not.

You get a nice visualization of data which is easy to understand and interactive. And when you have such data bifurcated in a regional form, it becomes easier than ever to manage your team and performance.


With the changing tech world, it is important to stay updated with the new ways to make sure you and your sales team are on the same page. There are various Microsoft Dynamics CRM mapping plugins available in the market to help you to excel in your business.

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