How to Overcome Magento Website Drawbacks

If you have a Magento store, chances are high that you will stay ahead in the ecommerce game. But, mind you! Increasing sales above a certain limit is a whole nother story. Only leveraging the features of Magento framework is not sufficient for boosting the sales number. You need to overcome the drawbacks of Magento eCommerce website as well. How would you do it using the technological advancements? Yes, your guess is right! Magento extensions have a solution.


When you decide to add specific features based on analytics and other aspects, extensions remain handy for you.

How to Get a Competitive Edge Over Online Peers?

It may sound strange, but some of the drawbacks of a Magento website can lead you to ahead of the curve! All you need to eliminate these pitfalls before your peers do it. Let us identify a few of the known drawbacks of Magento websites. You can markedly enhance the appearance and performance of your Magento online shop after removing them:

Multiple Language Support

Let’s face it! You must address audiences across different geographies. Your store needs to speak their language to attract and retain them. For example, if your target audience is Europeans, you must include all the major languages spoken across Europe. If you want to persuade the prospect, their native or primary language is the ultimate option.


You can ensure the availability of customer service in the native language. We have Language Translator for both M1 and M2 platforms. With this Magento website extension, you can manage your store in multiple languages with ease.

Customized Delivery Schedule

The best online shopping experience is the one which is close to the same in offline mode. You may find it difficult, but here is a tip: If you can provide an accurate delivery date, your customers will welcome it. Let’s get a step forward. How about giving your customers a flexibility to schedule the delivery date from available dates?

odoo14 Our Delivery Date Scheduler is a Magento extension by AppJetty. It facilitates you to display available delivery dates and making deliveries on time.

Mobile App for Your Store

Having a feature-rich mobile app for your business is need of the hour. You should have a native mobile app for your online shop. It enables you to reach a vast audience of smartphone users. However, to build a magento mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms is a herculean task, especially when you are a non-technical person!

3_product20showcase20dashboardMageMob Cart is a Magento Extension that lets you to build a custom mobile app with ease. If you have a Magento 1 powered site, your worries are a little less. Summing up, Magento website extensions can help you to enhance sales. Connect with us to know how Magento extensions can boost your business with less efforts!

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