How to Promote Online Business in the Offline World

A lot of businesses today is online meaning that the marketing campaigns are focused on social media and websites. Without a doubt, this marketing strategy is effective, but you still need to promote your online business in the offline world as well. This is necessary to cover the large audience and include those who prefer traditional marketing forms or are not exposed to digital media as much. 

The best thing in this process is that online and offline marketing complement each other thus giving you a comprehensive campaign. With that in mind, here are some ways that will help you with this and are still very practical to use in marketing.  

1.    Build collaborations on a local level

The best way to promote your online business in the offline world is through collaboration with a local company. Find a business in your area that will help you build a mutually beneficial promotion that will benefit you both. For example, if you have a product that will be great for a local store, schedule a meeting and pitch them your proposal.

This way, the company you collaborate with will promote your product through their service and you will earn money as well. They will recommend you further to their business partners and clients and thus create a strong relationship between you that will be a lasting arrangement.

2.    Networking, networking, networking

Networking events in your area or line of business are important to meet potential clients or partners. Almost every field of business has regular meet-ups in order to help people expand their business and focus on the certain market. In person, negotiations are still the strongest and most effective ways to make deals, so go to these events and start shaking hands. 

This way you will build trust, show integrity and promote your brand in person which is always the most appreciated method. People like to look in the eye a person that tries to convince them about something since that is how the audience measures honesty in most cases.  

3.    Join local chamber of commerce

Joining a local chamber of commerce will give your business the integrity and raise awareness about it. Furthermore, the audience will see your business as more legitimized which will help you get their attention and build trust. Chamber of commerce advocate for businesses and provide representation on local and national levels which is important if you need support from government organizations.

4.    Create visual engagement

Since people are prone to respond to visual stimuli, you need to use other resources besides your website to create engagement. That is why you need to concentrate your marketing efforts on display stands, billboards, signs, posters, flag banners, and other visual resources. These will attract the attention of people who walk down the street, drive to work or simply have a cup of coffee in a café.

The key is to create effective marketing assets that will make the viewer want to find out more about the product. Place your product in the front so it is the first thing people will notice on the display. Underneath it, add a website address and offer enough data to pique the viewers’ interest to look you up and even buy your product.

5.    Use guerilla marketing

Being creative is a crucial part of any marketing campaign, promotion, and strategy. Instead of feeling comfortable with traditional means, try something outside the box. This is called guerrilla marketing and it has done wonders for promoting brands, products, and services so far. Guerilla marketing covers a wide range of unusual marketing tactics that will certainly put you in the center of attention.

Organizing a festival is a guerilla marketing strategy to gather a lot of people in one place and promote your product. But it’s not all about going this big as organizing a whole event to build awareness for your brand. Be more creative with chalk ads on the sidewalks or leaving bookmarks at the library, and people are quickly going to notice your marketing efforts.


In the end, it's all about having a bigger picture of the benefits of marketing, even the one used in the offline world. Not all people are able to spend hours in the digital world and thus notice your brand, so you have to try a personal offline approach. In time, you will not only build a large customer base but also be a trusty entity in the business community.

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