How to Save Electricity as a Small Business

When you start out in business, you're looking to save everywhere you can and utilities are a crucial thing to keep down. Electricity is an area that has lots of potential for cost savings. It’s a challenging time, but also a crucial formative stage for the rest of your business career. The efficiencies and cost-savings you learn at this stage will help you create an efficient business that can weather economic storms.


Where possible, encourage your employees to work from home. Not only does this help with employee mood, it also means that you have less people using computers, coffee machines and lamps in the office. This can save you a significant amount on your electrical bills while keeping your employees working and in contact.

Use energy-efficient bulbs

Replacing all of your old halogen bulbs with new LED or CFL bulbs can have a huge impact on your bills. Over 90% of the energy that goes into a halogen bulb is output as heat, with less than 10 percent coming out as light. Energy efficient bulbs use far less electricity and produce even more light.

Use a thermostat

The modern office is chock-a-block with electrical equipment; desktops, printers, servers and so much more. All of these generate heat so air conditioning is a must, but of course that uses even more electricity. A thermostat ensures that you can adjust the temperature to exactly what you want it to be without using more electricity than you need to.

Maximise natural light

Clear clutter away from windows and open the blinds. While it's light outside, you might as well use the free light that’s coming in through the windows. Natural light is less harsh on employees’ eyes and will improve their mood, so make the most of it while saving electricity on lighting.

Hot drinks rounds

It’s common courtesy to offer everyone else a hot drink if you’re making one, but it also saves energy. The kettle will only have to use the electricity to boil once if you make 5 people a drink at the same time, rather than everyone doing it individually throughout the day.

Install motion sensor lights

In halls and corridors, especially, where people generally don’t hang about, motion sensor lights are a great way to cut down on unnecessary energy usage by only turning on when they're actually needed.

Train your employees

Drill any energy wasting habits out of them, like leaving their computer on when they've gone for lunch or turning the heating up instead of putting another layer on. You could even make a competition out of it, giving out prizes to those who save the most. Employee training on energy saving will also help them save energy at home.

Get insulated

If your company is in an old building which doesn’t have enough insulation, you can often get a government subsidy to help pay for the cost of installing some. It makes a real difference, with roof insulation saving you hundreds of pounds in a year.

Keep fridges away from heaters

If you've got a fridge in the office that’s located close to an appliance that gives out a lot of heat, then it will have to work harder to keep the interior cool. Move it to a cooler part of the office and it will use less energy.

Shop around

Utility companies are in competition with one another, so price comparison sites are your best friend here. Look around for business packages that favour smaller companies and that match your particular energy habits.

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Comment by Marie Beckham on December 19, 2017 at 3:59am

Such a useful lifehacks. Thanks a lot!


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