How to Start a Profitable Online Food Ordering and Delivery Business?

In the current era of ecommerce, there are a huge number of online business models that are booming, leading to a new wave of startups. The online food ordering and delivery is one of them.

There are several aspiring entrepreneurs who want to invest their money in this sector. Further, the advancement in technology has led existing businesses to become more tech savvy. This has resulted in many brick and mortar restaurants expand their business to the online world

The Business model of online food ordering and delivery marketplaces

  1. Marketplace acts as a common platform between customers and restaurants.
  2. Customers explore the list of the restaurants and their menus. Further, they place the order and make payment.
  3. Restaurant and marketplace owner gets a notification regarding the food order.
  4. Customers also receive confirmation about the order placed.
  5. The Restaurant will start order processing and food preparation.
  6. The customer receives food from the restaurant or 3rdparty delivery service.
  7. Marketplace owner cuts a pre-decided commission.

Why online food ordering and delivery marketplaces work?

Nowadays, people are very busy and they need an anywhere-anytime assistance for various day-to-day tasks. Similarly, when it comes to food, people need a service or platform to fill their appetite when they don’t have time or energy to cook. This lead to the popularity of online food ordering and delivery sector.

How to ensure the success of your online food ordering system?

Customer experience

It’s all about what your customers will experience when they complete a transaction with your company. Do things such as:

  • Use the customers’ first names in order confirmations and follow-up-emails. Greet them by the first name when they log on to your website or into the mobile app.
  • Keep your online ordering process simple, visually appealing and intuitive so that customers will choose your services over your competitors.
  • Listen carefully to the feedback you get from customers and make suggested changes if any.

 Quicker and affordable delivery charges

Customers prefer immediacy in their online purchases (of any kind). The minimum order time offered should be around 30-45 minutes. Further, you have to attract customers with low delivery charges. If you do not want to incur losses, you should try to save on the operational cost.

Perform better than your competitors

Analyze what your competitors are doing. Identify their loopholes and make those your advantages. Subscribe their email list and follow them on social media so that you can get to know about their marketing strategies.

As a business owner, you need to continuously find new methods to raise the standard and adopt policies to beat the competition without lowering your profits.

Online food ordering system for restaurants

Having an online presence makes your business sparkling visible to customers. It’s like tapping customers on their shoulders and allowing them to visit your restaurant virtually.

Advantages of online food ordering system for restaurants owners:

  1. It’s stimulating and visually appealing to all hungry customers. Let me explain this phenomenon:

Hungry customers order much more food online that can be translated into bigger orders and a larger stream of revenue.

And as we all know, the first bite is with the eye. So, design your website in such a way that it should visually appeal the customers. Add images and videos of delicious food that entices them.

  1. The Online menu is simple to manage by the restaurant owner.
  2. Easier customer handling and communication.
  3. Online ordering is fast, easy, and comfortable


Final Verdict

It is proved that the food ordering and delivery business has an enormous scope for online penetration. The market is demanding the emergence of more startups all across the globe. In the current market dynamics, launching an online food ordering and the delivery marketplace is being lauded as one of the top business ideas.

Entrepreneurs must capitalize to give people what they want and launch a thriving startup. To bring forth a compelling online food ordering platform, FATbit Technologies offers a turnkey solution, named YoYumm. It is an online food ordering and delivery system that provides all the essential features such as restaurant review, social media integration, multilingual, and multi-store.

YoYumm has been created after thorough market research of trends and has an excellent track record with clients.

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