How To Start a Woman’s Plus Size Clothing Store

Are you someone who thinks they could cater better for plus size women than most high street stores? You are not alone! Many plus size women have been disappointed over the last few years with the state of the fashion available for plus size women.

Things seem to be moving in the right direction in terms of getting a wider range of sizes of clothes in your average store, but the marketing and the quality of clothing available is often below par.

If you want to start your own business selling plus size clothing in Australia, you must first understand your audience, and how they shop. You may be plus-sized and have a penchant for fashion, but getting a broader look at the people you will be selling clothing to will put you in a much better position.

Research your target audience
Do a little market research on popular high street stores to what kind of clothing they sell and who their audience are. Look at the age groups of women buying from those stores and see if you can find the right type of clothing to suit these women best.

Talk to other plus sized women about what fashion means to them, ask them about the type of service they could only dream about and whether they think they get that from stores today. It is when you take a step back from your personal shopping or fashion experience that you get a bigger sense of how the fashion stores work and what can be done to improve the situation for customers.

Talk to wholesale plus size clothing suppliers and ask them about the different sizes you wish to sell and talk to them about the niche market you wish to sell in. You may find that offering a range of sizes that cater for the majority of women and then moving into plus size clothing may be a good way to start your business before you specialise in a particular market.

Talk to clothing suppliers and designers
Talk to fashion designers about your ideas and try to create a range of clothing you think will work for plus sized women. Create a partnership and label and you will be almost ready to start selling your clothing to your target audience.

Spread the word about your ideas and what you feel is necessary in the market. Tell your audience that there is a fashion label, a brand or a clothing supplier out there that cares about them and wants to develop the availability of top quality clothes to plus sized women.

Spread the word!
Market your brand, and use social media to spread the word. Use blogs and websites to tell others about who you are and what your label wants to achieve and you will have already done the hardest part. You may even be able to set up your own website and sell your products with the help of a web developer who can guide you through placing your items on a web-store that is set up for you.

Bring all of these projects together and you will have an online store selling affordable plus size dresses in Australia, supported by suppliers or designers, marketed via social media and boosted by specialist websites and a label that shines a light on the plus size fashion industry. With a personal insight into plus sized fashion, you can get started on your business before next seasons clothing comes into stock.

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