How To Start A WordPress Blog - A Step By Step Guide

Blogging not only gives you a platform to share your thoughts with others but also you can make money from it. If you are wondering how to start, blogging without much hassle WordPress is an excellent solution for you. In this blog, we guide you through every single step you need to take to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Decide the Topic of Blog:

To start a blog, first, identify a niche you have an interest in. It does not have to be something revolutionary but enough interesting to appeal the people. Try not to mix several topics on a blog unless you are writing a Personal Blog. From hobbies, passion, life experiences to personal aspects, you can write on anything that intrigues you.

 Selecting the Right Blogging Platform:

Selecting the right blogging platform is important for your online success. Let’s have a look at the two WordPress platforms where you can start blogging. If blogging is a mere hobby for you and earning revenue is not your concern, you can start blogging at It is free of cost and gives you limited control and customization option over your blogs. With will not get your own domain name or website.  If you are a serious blogger and want to use blogs for professional purpose, you should consider self-hosted WordPress i.e To start a self-hosted blog you need to buy a web hosting and domain name for your blogging website

  • It is a free, easy to use open source platform
  • Offers full control and customization over your site
  • It gives your own domain name for the site

It makes more sense to use  to start blogging because it gives you the ownership of the site.

 Purchase Hosting Provider:

Once you are all set to start blogging at, the first thing you need to do is to purchase a web-hosting provider for your blogs. This is the place where you install WordPress and store all your content, images and files online. Without web hosting, neither your blogs will be accessible for everyone nor will you get your own domain name. You can start the web hosting with SiteGround and Blueshot that offer top-notch WordPress hosting service at affordable rates. You can select a hosting provider, as per your budget and for this, you really do not need WordPress expert for hire.

Select a Domain Name:

A domain name is an online address where people can find your blog. For example, the domain of Facebook is Choosing a domain name that is relevant to your blog niche or purpose is very important. Pick a domain name, which is crispy, simple and keyword rich. On purchasing hosting plan from Bluehost, you will get a free domain.

Install WordPress:

Once you have purchased the hosting package and domain name, you can install WordPress on the host. Your hosting provider will send you a confirmation mail with the entire log in instructions to start WordPress. Follow the steps minutely and install WordPress onto your domain. The successful installation allows you to enjoy the full control over your blog site.

Select WordPress Theme

Customizing the appearance and feel of your site allows you to leave an everlasting impression on the audience. Log into your WordPress dashboard and find a theme that suits your requirement. Since there are thousands of pre-designed WordPress themes available on the official themes directory, you can change the theme and layout of your blog at any time.

Get a Hand on SEO:

Before going live with your first blog, you should have gained some knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. To pull organic traffic to your blog site, SEO plays the pivotal role. If you are blogging for an E-commerce site and looking for some instant solution to boost the traffic, you should hire a professional WordPress Development Company. Providing custom, SEO friendly WordPress themes, templates, Plugins it grantees success for your WordPress blog.

Start writing your First Blog Post

With the complete access to your WordPress platform, now this is the time to write your first blog and publish it. You can use Categories and Tags to organize your blogs. WordPress offers you a Preview option that allows you to see your post before publishing.

Add Functionality to Blog

Once you have written your first blog post, you might want to incorporate some other elements on your post like sliders, social networking icons, gallery, contacts etc. To take benefits of all these additional features you need to install WordPress plugins.

 If you want to add E-commerce functionality to your blog, installing the WooCommerce plugin would be great for you. Without changing the look and design of your WordPress site, plugins like WooCommerce extends the functionality of your blog. Hiring wooCommerce development experts irrespective of the size of your online business would help to solve the purpose of blogging for your website.


Now, this is the time to let the online world about the presence of your WordPress blog. Share the links to your blog on your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can add contacts form and social media icons to your WordPress blogs using plugins. Make friend with other bloggers of your niche and ask them to share your stuff on their blogs.

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