How To Take Your Real Estate Business Global

 Just having a lot of property listings isn't going to be enough to impress buyers on an international level. Learning how to source and make use of market intelligence across the world is the best way to generate interest and raise your international profile overseas. Showing your international clients that you offer a factotum service that encompasses everything from start to finish will also help to instil confidence in your real estate business. Knowing that you can take care of every little detail of the house buying or selling process is going to be a great weight off your client's minds.

Getting your listings seen globally

Obviously, you will want to spread the word far and wide about your real estate listings and get them noticed by affluent buyers around the world. Picking up buyer leads overseas may seem tricky at first, but if you take a step back and look at it from a buyers point of view, you need to reverse-engineer the whole process.

Put yourself in your buyers shoes. If you wanted to buy a house in Madrid, how would you go about finding one?

Most likely, you would go and find a Spanish real estate operator and ask for their help. They in turn will have a degree of local knowledge and will also work with Spanish agents on the ground who will be able to help with your search.

This pretty much works the same the world over, so no matter where you plan to buy property, this would most likely be your best route to finding what you are looking for. Putting your real estate listings on international property websites can also be an option, but most affluent clients use these sites to look for something more local rather than international. However, it does work for some property listings, so it is worth looking at.

Going deeper than Google

What you have to think about is that a buyer will also look on Google to check for listings, but unless they are really familiar with the area they wish to purchase in, the listings will probably not mean much to them. This is especially true when they are unfamiliar with the local economy or the  local culture.

This is where a buyer may seek out knowledge from friends, family or work colleagues who may have lived or worked in the area for more of an insight. They will also turn to real estate professionals in their own country that have good international knowledge and sound links and relationships with local agents in that area.

From your real estate business point of view, if you want to take your business global, you need to establish and build good relationships with agents that can work on your behalf and feed back useful information that you can give to your clients. This would include market intelligence about why buyers should consider the city, town or area that a property is for sale in rather than just the property details on their own.

Without all the other pieces of the puzzle that connect into the real estate listings you have, the listings alone are not going to be very useful for a buyer, and certainly will not compel them to buy from you. Show them that you offer a factotum approach where you provide all the market information they need and that you can handle the whole purchase process on their behalf.

Meeting your clients at a property is the norm rather than inviting them to an office. You want to show and tell, so the best way to do this is in person at the property.

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