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In order to grow your business, sometimes you need to take a step back.  As business owners many of us wear a myriad of hats each day and as the business grows, working ON our business rather than in it becomes more difficult.  A course I took last year in small business development stated that we should spend 1/3 of our working day working on our business ...hmmmm ...

Delegation (not abdication) is key and something I am finally realising needs to happen myself.  Good leaders need to learn to get out of their own way.

Are you stuck working in your business?

When you find yourself working in your business, you’ll be doing tasks that you don't need to be doing yourself. By controlling day-to-day operational things, you’re not only allocating your time in the wrong way, but you’re also stifling your business growth. When you do this, you lose sight of the big picture of your business. You need to be focusing on your company by working on the strategy and scope of the business.

How to start working on your business!

This is an average 'day in the life of' this Virtual Assistant.

6.00am   Out of bed, get family off to work/school.

7.00am   Off for a walk (tried doing this later in the day to refresh but once the computer is on it's not so easy to escape)

8.00am   Shower, breakfast, chores, coffee

8.30am   Check Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for discussions, updates.  Read emails.

9.00am   Client work

12.00pm Read, reply to emails.  

1.00pm    Eat - Coffee - back to client work

4.00pm   Family comes home - feed pets, feed family, go for a walk, quality time with family

8.30pm   Read & reply to emails, client work

11.00pm Update to do list for the following day

11.30pm Shut down

Details change but this is an average day.  No time in that schedule to work on my business!

SO ....

Starting February I will be blocking out a couple of hours each Friday afternoon to work on my business.  I will gradually increase this over a six month period to the stage where I have Free Friday to spend working on my business days.  Brain storming, creative and motivating Free Fridays.   I have a wonderful team of contractors who help me meet client deadlines and in order to create my Free Friday's I will transfer some of the tasks I do (which I don't need to do myself) over to my team.  I'm pretty excited!

The tune up

What areas of my business need working on?  Here's my to do list (in no particular order) - posted for your inspiration!

  • Social media strategy (update)
  • Business plan (update)
  • SMART goals for 2013
  • Draft blog calendar and pre-write articles (for those 'too busy' weeks)
  • System procedures (finalise)
  • Competitor analysis (what could I be doing better, smarter)
  • Business analysis (SWOT)
  • Customer profile (update)
  • Set 2013 milestones
  • Create monthly financial measurements

This is me stepping back, looking at my business and identifying what needs to happen for growth to continue.  In my case, putting it down on paper makes it real and ensures it will happen.

Your turn: If you had more time to spend on your business how would you spend it ... and how are you going to make it happen?  Please comment, I learn from hearing your experiences.

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