How to Write Your Most Popular Post Ever

Sites for bloggers It can be a tough blog-eat-blog world out there. How can you increase readership and garner traffic to your new blog post despite all the competition? Learn how to write your most popular blog post with some easy steps. 

The basics: know your audience and how they share 

To write a blog post to gain readership, you must understand your audience. While writing is a form of expressing your thoughts, feelings, observations, and the like, writing for an audience can often take different approaches than personal rants and raves. If you do not know your audience that well, go out on a limb and ask them: what do you want to see more of? In what fashion? 

Besides knowing your audience’s preferences to content, it is also important to understand how your audience shares content. Hopefully, they doshare content. Sharing content helps a post to go viral it is being shared with numerous other people, even outside your target audience. This can help increase readership, subscribers, and traffic to your blog. Do some research on your audience. Do they share content on their own blog,Facebook, Twitter, etc.? Make sure to have a sharing platform linked to your blog for easy sharing. 

Interact and maintain blog relationships 

There are many blogs out there on the Internet. To help promote your own blog, find high traffic blogs in the range of your audience, and interactwith them. Acting as your blog and not your individual self, comment on interesting posts and share some content from another website. This can help spread awareness of your own blog, and invite other blogs to share your content as well, in a supportive (not manipulative) give and take relationship. 

How to save money by wearing only striped t-shirts to work 

If that headline were a link, would you click on it? To gain traffic to your blog post, it should have an attention-grabbing headline. Be creative, but still stick to what your post is actually about. Make people want to click on your post to read what you actually mean by saving money at custom essay paper writing on wearing striped t-shirts to work perhaps that headline is a funny quote from an anecdote about saving money on clothes, for example. Pulling a quality idea from your post and making it into a clever headline won’t compromise quality over obvious and annoying attention-seeking. Make your post attractive to readers 

Organize and format your blog post to be aesthetically pleasing. Make sure font style and size are consistent, images are imbedded without cutting off text, etc. On this note, include pictures in your post to complement and enrich your writing (cite the source properly, too). Show that your post is worth a reader’s time with effective formatting. 

Remember, a popular blog post takes time and effort. Don’t skimp on the basics, invest in the research, and, most importantly, have fun with it!

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