How Unique IP Address Matters for Your Business

Internet Protocol or IP address is a unique set of numbers separated by periods that recognizes each computer using the IP over a particular network. Here, the important thing to remember is that; computers connected via local network or the Internet communicates by sending information to one another’s IP addresses. Typically, a computer has two IP addresses; public and private.

Public Vs. Private IP Address

Basically, the router is an ‘intermediary’ that is used to send traffic to the IP addresses who ask for it. If you see it from an external point of view, all devices on a home network use a distinct public IP address to communicate on the Internet. When it comes to performing a network address translation behind the router, there are two types of addresses. It has a private Internet Protocol address that starts with the numbers 192.168. It’s actually an assortment of IP addresses that is assigned to private networks. You will also have a public Internet Protocol address, which is used to communicate with other computers on the Internet.

On the other hand, if you are hosting any server, then people will need your router’s public Internet Protocol  address to hook up to your server. If someone is using the similar local network as your PC, then he’ll need your PC’s local Internet Protocol address to connect. And if your PC isn’t connected to the router, then your public and private IP addresses are same, which is as of your computer.

Now let’s discuss how unique IP address matters when it comes to your online business. Take a look!

Improves Performance & Speed Of Your Website

When it comes to the websites, there’s a possibility that they’re using shared IP addresses. Once you get to know that you’re hosting a website on a shared hosting platform, then it might affect your site’s performance in allocating resources. Moreover, it also affects your website’s speed negatively that will eventually destroy your rankings in the search engine. Some people ask, how did the website speed linked to SEO? It’s because, the site’s speed will impact your search engine ranking (SERPs) with Google. Unique IP address helps in improving your website performance and speed.

Enhances The Security Of Your Website

There might be a possibility that your website is sharing an IP address with the malware site, then it might put your business at risk. There are several network security programs that will ‘null route’ requests to those IP addresses that makes your site unreachable. But, this isn’t a long term solution. You should have a unique whatsmyip that helps to protect your online security of your business.

Help You Get Your Private SSL Certificate

As we all know that all secure e-commerce websites ask for SSL certificates in order to accept credit cards online. SSL usually encrypts traffic to your website. Although, the latest version of SSL doesn’t ask for a unique IP, but most of us are using an older browser on Windows XP, which is not supporting it. So, you should get a unique to resolve this problem. 

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