How Your Brand Can Benefit From Live Streaming Apps?

Live streaming apps can be considered as the most powerful marketing tool that can bring tangible business results. It has become an integrated part of our life by providing us updated incidents happening around the world and improves connectivity with one another. Video streaming apps can be native or hybrid. Live streaming apps help you earn great revenue by making your applications paid, freemium (i.e. users have to pay for some features) and ads in app. It has become an essential marketing strategy for brands. Live streaming videos involves live audience engagement and lower cost when compared to pre-planned video.

Brands can be even better when they incorporate live-streaming video into their content strategy to meet their goals. Below listed are few ways that brands can utilize live-streaming apps:

  • Announcements and product promotions: Brands can make the best use of this method for announcing and promoting their brands to audience. Live stream audiences are more engaged when compared to an online video resulting in instant traffic to one’s website. Live streaming apps are connected to the social media channels which helps in more number of sharing’s and your audience can become your promoters. It helps in achieving high CTR. This method provides good reach and helps building brand value.


  • Host Q&A sessions: This is one of the best way to connect brand with their target customers. Users are connected in real-time which means that answers to customer queries, comments and feedbacks are provided instantly. Companies can make fixed time to hold a live interactive session with their audience. They should be prepared accordingly since live streaming does not allow editing or control over the questions.

  • Share latest news: Streaming apps are extremely helpful in this purpose. Make sure that your potential customers do not miss out any news. Live streaming apps are great platform for teasers. This approach is best if you want to attract customers and create major buzz among consumers. Hence sharing something related to your business or technologies which you use can increase user engagement because people are more interested in knowing current world wide news.

  • Associate with online influencers: Interaction of viewers with an influencer in real time is a powerful tool and brands should definitely take advantage of. Hosting live interviews and direct engagement of users with influencers can help a lot. Users can ask brand ambassadors to talk about their product or technologies which they use and can post videos and anything related to it to build trust in the customers.

  • Invite customers to showcase the things behind the brand: Live streaming provides an excellent way to build relationship with its customers. Present a video that showcases how you came up with the idea, how you got succeeded from a mistake and let them know where and which products you build. You can benefit your clients by sharing them the production locations. Showing the actual faces behind the brand is one of the best way to build stronger attachment with the customers.

Live streaming video apps are being widely used for watching a music concert, ongoing sports event, live online training and many more. Hiring a professional team of app development is the one which you need to convert your ideas into reality. FuGenX can help you in developing high-quality apps reaching your expectations irrespective of industry. FuGenX technologies is one of the globally recognized mobile apps development companies in India with highly experienced team of developers.

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