Employees are the core part of any organisation, no matter if it is a question of being a large enterprise or a small one. Shielding health and safety of the employees has been a great challenge for any organisation despite proving to be a long term sustainability factor for a success. Especially, workers working in the most hazardous conditions on this planet full of twists and turns need that extra provision of health and safety, which in turn rewards the organisation to be a success. So for all businesses, occupational safety and health of the OSH is an aspect that you have to really shine light on. Many organisations have led the line to solve this gruesome problem. It is done with the help of BLE technology through beacon-based solutions and beacon-based application development.

Beacons have also been a fundamental part of Internet of Things (IoT). According to ABI Research, it is estimated that by 2020 there will be over 400 million beacons installed worldwide.

Let us have a brief look of BLE technology solutions for health and safety in some of the Real-world cases.

Beacon-Based Solution for Health and Safety 

The beacon-based solution should be designed for tracking and emergency communication solution for field workers and miners for connected and unconnected environments. Industry grade sensors should be deployed throughout the area of working to detect any accident like fire, hazardous gas leakage or flood. If any of these happens, it generates and send the alert messages to control room operator. The Beacon device provides supplemental data in the absence of GPS signals and communicate its location data through BLE technology to GPS Locator watch or any other wearable. So it proves to be helpful as the indoor safety purpose regarding location awareness and delivering an ideal beacon-based solution for those who have to work alone.

The beauty of the device is that if any individual wearing this device falls, fall detection automatically sends alert.

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