Impact of (IoT) Internet of Things on IT Business

The internet of things is helping businesses to digitally transform. Most of the industries is digitally transformed by IoT and it is currently leading the biggest leap in this evolution. It is becoming the next industrial revolution and empowering businesses to behave in a smarter way also helping in making decisions based on the concrete data.

State of the IoT today: Analysts have predicted that IoT will inject $11 trillion into the global economy by the end of 2025. It will be having a great impact on enterprises rather than the mobile internet. It is becoming popular among consumers. It is gaining traction in industries such as mining, retail, healthcare and in organization’s it is becoming the most important technology.

How Will IoT impact IT Industries: On Information technology, it is having a very real and significant impact. IT’s sector’s are now taking the responsibility of monitoring and managing the connected devices. IT professionals should be able to monitor network traffic closely. IoT will be helpful because IoT traffic and the security of that traffic will be more about application awareness rather than simple traffic management and monitoring.

Security concerns of having a workforce connected by IoT devices: It is the responsibility of IT department to manage the security measures, processes and update policies. For taking care of all these, It professionals should follow these steps:

  • Harness automation should be applied in the network to correct the issues before they become the major problem. This helps in reducing the response time and helps in minimizing the impact of a cyber attack.
  • Enterprises will need to ensure that the can solve all problems when it comes to IoT, they should be careful regarding taking the decisions on security measures.
  • Implementing the security measures requires 24/7 monitoring service by the IT department.
  • It will need to create new privacy policies to make sure all departments use only approved devices and technologies.

Internet of things (IoT) is transforming everything from business to life. It is shaping humans life with functionality. The great features of IoT will make life easier, comfortable and more efficient. It simply indicates the powerful information at our fingertips.

We at Mobiloitte provide IoT solution to most of the business sectors include IT’s so that business can increase process efficiencies to delivering better customer experiences to generating new revenue streams. Mobiloitte can help you to choose IoT solution based on your accuracy level, security & of course total cost of ownership.

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