Importance of Automation Testing in The World of DevOps

Over the passage of time, all stages of software development have with a special focus on delivery speed. We all know that DevOps is a set of practices that automate software development and IT operations. DevOps makes building, testing, and delivering reliable software faster. It has the ability to resolve critical problems quickly, allow faster software releases, and better work management.

Why Software Testing?

Software testing is quite the buzzword these days. Security is one of the most sensitive concerns when the software is in development phase. It is paramount to client satisfaction. Companies look for products that they can easily rely on, and this is why software testing is the only solution. Testing helps in:

  • Creating a trusted product for users
  • Saving time
  • Securing personal information and data
  • Implementing a proactive approach to avoid errors

There are hundreds of other benefits of using software testing for companies. Software and applications should be able to add value to clients and ensure a great customer experience.

Continuous Delivery and Continuous Testing

Continuous delivery (CD) allows delivering all the changes to an application at any point in time. Companies are able to reduce the risk of releasing changes to an application by short development cycle steps. CD is a part of continuous testing and relies on test automation a great deal.

Continuous testing (CT) is a process of carrying out automated testing through all stages of the delivery lifecycle. Companies use this for both web and mobile based applications. Continuous testing allows catching errors in the early stages of the development process.

Role of Automation Testing in DevOps

Looking at advancements that automation testing has done in DevOps, we realize how companies are delivering projects faster than before. IT professionals utilize test automation frameworks and tools to make software development processes smooth and quick. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also affecting automation testing frameworks for the better. Researchers believe that AI and machine learning can take automation testing to a whole new level and provide great opportunities to software companies.

The advent of DevOps has filled communication gaps between development and IT teams. The responsibility of software quality maintenance depends on different team members including developers, testers, and IT specialists. Professional developers need to enhance their test automation skills to help in the development process. This helps shorten the distance between various teams and help them achieve quality products. With the evolution of software development, organizations are using automation testing in DevOps. Test automation makes it easy for software development companies to have insights in test automation frameworks and tools that their businesses can benefit from. When DevOps is combined with automation, companies can automate all the processes that they want to automate, allowing them to focus on achieving quality software and applications.

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