Importance of Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Cybersecurity threats are a significant concern for small businesses. In fact, it's reported that about 50 percent of small businesses experience some form of cyber attack. Unfortunately, many are not able to recover after such an ordeal.

Despite the startling evidence, many small business owners do not have proper cybersecurity protection. A lack of awareness of the severity of the danger is usually to blame. As a small business owner, it's essential to understand the unique threats facing your business as well as how you can respond to and prevent them.

Basic Prevention

The bedrock of a good cybersecurity plan involves the effort of everyone employed at your small business. Employees should create and use distinct passwords when accessing accounts and stored information. Computers and operating systems should be updated and backed up regularly, and your business's Wi-Fi network should be password protected. Installing a quality antivirus protection program is also essential to basic cybersecurity.

Common Cyber Threats

Malware and spyware are among the most common cyber security threats facing small businesses. If an attacker is able to access your business's computer operating system, it isn't difficult for them to install malicious, self-duplicating software; infecting and damaging critical parts of the system your business depends on.

With spyware, hackers access and steal stored personal information, passwords, and other identification. Ransomware, while not as common as malware and spyware, could destroy your small business. When ransomware is used, the attacker installs software that prevents you from logging into the server until a sum of money is paid to the hacker. These are only a few of the more common threats to small businesses. There are other, lesser-known and often undetected threats that can cause even more extensive damage.


The damages caused by these cybersecurity threats can be devastating. The cost to repair and replace critical software and equipment can be overwhelming for small business owners. It's not just a matter of damaged software and computerized equipment. If the personal information of clients and employees is stolen, not only does this cause them personal difficulties and distress, it also damages the trust they've placed in you and your business. Running your small business without the proper cybersecurity measures in place is just too big of a risk to take.

Different Businesses Have Different Needs

While it's evident that having a strong cybersecurity plan is crucial, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. A small coffee shop has different cyber security needs than an independent medical practice. Before deciding on the type and extent of your cybersecurity measures, think about the type and quantity of information you collect and store.

Personal Cyber Threat Management

It's important to clarify your cybersecurity needs and formulate a plan to protect your business. However, it's difficult to effectively monitor, anticipate and respond to all of these threats on your own. There are countless ways attackers can infiltrate your operating system and cause irreparable damage, and new methods are constantly being employed. With the extensive demands of operating a small business, it's not possible for the average small business owner to stay on top of this. Cybersecurity professionals can help.

Help for Small Businesses

There's a good chance your business has or will experience a cybersecurity attack. Working with a team of highly skilled and trained cybersecurity professionals, like the ones at Carbon Black, can significantly impact the chances of your business preventing and recovering from cybersecurity intrusions.

The world of cybersecurity threats is rapidly evolving. A cybersecurity team consistently engages in research, collaborates with industry experts, and formulates strategies for preventing and responding to these ever-changing threats. Investing in a partnership with a team of skilled professionals can mean the difference between your business surviving and thriving in an era of endless threats to cybersecurity.

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