Important Things to Know if You Want Your Startup to Go Paperless

Going paperless has so many advantages. First of all, your brand will become environmentally friendly. Saving trees is not just an empty phrase. On top of that, your files will be well-organized, and you won’t have to deal with piles of paper anymore. Also, you will free your office space and use it for something more essential. But let’s go slowly and see what you should know if you want your startup to go paperless.

Take the initiative and get everyone on board

Believe it or not, many companies are still not going paperless because there are no management initiatives. If you are the one in charge, take action, and do everything you can to go paperless. However, it is vital to inform all your colleagues about your decision and even try to set the rules on paperless working. Everyone has to be on the same page when it comes to such a massive decision. Be a real example yourself, and you can be sure that all others will accept to go paperless and embrace the digital future. Especially when it comes to environmentally friendly activities. 

Scan your documents and paperwork

Going paperless is manageable even from the early days of your business. You can do everything on the internet – register a business online and start using digital tools and apps. However, one thing is maybe the most important for achieving your environmental goals – a quality document scanner. All your vital documents will be just a click away, instead of having a pile of papers in your office. However, if you can’t afford some of the best document scanners, you can try plenty of phone and table options that are available for Android or iOS.

Use Cloud services

When it comes to your most important documents, it would be wise to use Cloud services and save your files out there. You can’t fully trust your computer to keep documents secure since there is always a risk of loss due to damage to your drives. Many Cloud services, such as Dropbox, are super beneficial and flexible. Many businesses are switching to Cloud services nowadays, and your startup should do the same. Also, you have to care about security. Most Cloud services are offering basic encryption, as well as compatibility with third-party options. And finally, you can access your documents via both laptop and phone, which could be super helpful in particular situations.

Take advantage of various applications

Time-saving apps are the future of almost every business. For startups, there are many applications you can start using from the very beginning. Not only that these apps fit the paperless mission, but they will also help you improve time management, productivity and overall effectiveness. For instance, some apps convert voicemails into text messages. Why is this so useful? It will save you a lot of time since you can screen calls quickly without spending your precious time to dial in and listen to every single voicemail message.

Sign documents electronically

People used to print documents only because they needed to sign them. Fortunately, those days are gone. The electronic signature is saving both paper and time. For instance, you can use Adobe Sign since it is one of the most popular services. It is as simple as it gets – sign your document with a few clicks and move to your next task. Other than signing, there are additional features such as document archiving or integration with other cloud services.

Environmental consciousness can impact clients

It is needless to say that paper has many long-term effects – contribution to climate change, disrupting the natural ecosystem, etc. Therefore, to be environmentally friendly, you should always strive to go paperless. And, believe it or not, adopting a paperless model can appeal to some of your most important clients. They will recognize your business as reliable and responsible, and because of that, they might decide to prolong your business relationship. In the end, you want people to recognize your brand in that fashion, whether we talk about general public opinion or your associates and clients.

As you can see, going paperless has numerous benefits. As an entrepreneur, you will feel better about your own brand, but other people will also have an excellent opinion on your business.

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