Improve Your Business Productivity with the Right Office Design

There’s a reason why every successful business takes care of its office design and it goes far beyond mere aesthetics. A professional, functional and, above all, comfortable space will both project the right image to your clients and increase productivity in general. There’s a huge correlation between comfort and productivity and most offices can hugely benefit from changes in layout and general organization.

Comfortable furniture

There’s nothing more important than providing a healthy and comfortable atmosphere within your office. Using ergonomic furniture and accessories will give your office a huge boost in terms of worker motivation – no one likes dealing with unpleasant furniture, especially if they need to concentrate and work.
Furthermore, your clients won’t really appreciate uncomfortable chairs to sit in, as comfort is basically something that they probably already expect.
Finally, think about using adjustable and mobile furniture, as this is a perfect solution for growing businesses that lack in space – mobile furniture is easy to reconfigure to the user’s preference.
Comfort, however, doesn’t stop at furniture – a productive workplace needs much more.


Have you ever worked out of a dark, gloomy office? If you have, no more needs to be said, but if you haven’t, you should know that lighting is something you need to pay attention to.
In truth, an office on a sunny side of a building is mostly fine, except maybe during wintertime, when the sun goes down towards the end of a workday.
However, offices that are dark during the day need a solution.
A skylight is an excellent choice, but it will only work if you’re on the top floor of your office building, which isn’t very likely. Alternatively, opting for LED lights is the way to go, especially seeing as how they both bring the light that is as close as possible to sunlight to the table
and work wonders for your pocket, as they pay off in the long run. Alternatively, use CFLs, a cheaper and less efficient version of LEDs.

Clear the clutter

There is absolutely no worse place for clutter than an office space. It’s distracting and it induces procrastination, which are both productivity killers. Shush that inner hoarder that we all have and get rid of the stuff you don’t really need!

Improve your office layout

Even if your office looks pleasing to the eye, there might still be ways to make it more efficient. For example, take a look at where your employees sit and the location of frequently used office equipment and think of a way to improve your office’s overall flow; you’d be amazed at how much this can improve the general productivity.
Put printers, fax machines and other frequently used items in easily accessible areas. Seat work teams and/or departments together in shared areas for maximum efficiency.
If you want to cover every aspect of your office design, think about
consulting Officepoint, experts in office fitouts, refurbishments and relocations.

Noise levels

Noise pollution is among the most commonly ignored negative factors both in terms of productivity and mental health. However, noise pollution has a wide variety of detriments, from the relatively benign ones such as speech interference and mild stress, to emotional and behavioral stress, hearing damage, headaches, blood pressure, heart disease and even liver, brain and heart damage.
The solution here is noise-insulating your office space with appropriate materials and windows.
Bear in mind, however, that noise pollution also comes from within the office itself, so putting fax machines, copiers and other noisy office equipment in a separate, noise-isolated area is a smart way to go!

A perfect office design means perfect productivity opportunities. Use comfortable, adjustable and mobile furniture for maximum efficiency, provide proper lighting, clear the clutter, don’t hesitate to call office design experts and keep those noise levels at bay!

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