Industrial Metal Shelving: Provides an Organized Solution to High-Density Storage

High-density storage is a concept that all experienced logistics managers will be aware of, because it’s crucial to maximizing profits.

It explains the concept of storing all of your goods in as little space as possible.

Here, we explain why all logistics businesses should embrace high-density storage and how industrial metal shelving can help them achieve this goal. 

Saving space

In order to create a successful logistics business, founders have to look for ways to cut costs and increase profits.

High-density storage is a common method of achieving the former. As logistics businesses grow, they’ll typically be in need of additional warehouse space, but this will cost them more, stifling their overall growth.

Investing in industrial metal shelving can help them adapt a high-density storage solution at a cost that is likely to be far cheaper and less time-consuming than moving to a larger warehouse.

These shelving systems allow industrial businesses to make the most of the height of their warehouse, as well as the width and length.

As these shelves are very strong and sturdy, they are capable of handling heavy and fragile goods. In spite of their weight and strength, many manufacturers will create shelves that are simple to transport and arrange, so their addition is unlikely to create too much of a disruption to a logistics company’s day-to- day transactions.

Types of industrial metal shelving

There are many different types of industrial metal shelving, and it’s down to the logistics manager to choose which type is most suitable to his warehouse.

Industrial pallet racks involve the storage of all goods on pallets before they are maneuvered onto the shelves. Pallet rack manufacturers typically design this product to handle extremely large and heavy goods. Those with large warehouses that they are looking to make extra use of may be in the best position to explore what pallet racks can to do improve their storage solutions.

On the opposite end of the scale, bin units are a useful storage solution for small items. The shelves in these units are very small and compressed. They’re perfect for logistics companies that need to organize many different small products in a tight space.

Open shelving units are common among industries where constant access to goods is needed. Closed shelving units are neater and more visually appealing. They may suit warehouses where access to the goods is not needed as often.

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