Influence of Colors That Can Make an Impact on Branding

Have you ever thought why Coca-Cola only use red in its branding? Have you ever thought why the logo of the Starbucks is in green? I am sure you must not have thought of this before or even noticed these things ever. The selection of the colors are not merely random or according to the aesthetics of the designer. There is a complete theory hidden behind these colors and in-depth explanation which can shock you.

Apart from becoming the representation of the brands, these colors also added some great subliminal emotions in the brand which we all sense but never thought about it why. This means that these colors do influence on the branding of the product or company which makes it important to choose the colors wisely while doing a branding of any product or company.

To sue the colors, it is important that being a designer or just a marketer you understand the nature of the colors rather than just matching them or choosing them aesthetically as I mentioned before. Moreover, apart from the nature of the color, there are more things to consider while choosing a color for the brand. That is why most of the brands prefer to create their own colors apart from the already available color in the color wheel. To make it easier for you, in the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you some of the key points about the importance of the colors that makes it create an influence in your marketing.

Look different from your competitor:

Red and blue are both the colors but different. In the same way, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the two cola manufacturing companies but are rivals and different from each other. This is what colors can give to your brand. Colors can also help you in making you apart from your brand. So being a marketer or a designer, next time you get the job of branding, do not forget to look the competitor’s branding color first before choosing a color for you.

Non-Verbal Communication:

It is believed that the non-verbal communication is the strongest one because it is the one which you picked it directly from your mind. The colors also communicate. Take an example of the traffic signal. No one told us that red means stop and green means go. This is something understood, and we didn’t need anyone’s help to understand it. In the same way, the brands or products that use green color in their branding give us an idea that this product is either related to something organic or it has anything to do with nature.

For the designers who give logo deisgn in london or any other part of the world, in the next lines, I am going to mention some of the majorly used colors with their expressions and impact on the human mind which will make things more clear for you that how colors can do non-verbal communication.

Red: most of the readers would be guessing that red expresses danger or blood. Which is to some extent right but it has more expressions too. According to some psychologists, the red stimulates and excites. The red color expresses the emotions like passion, strength and the anger too. It can also be used to scare someone of anything. That is why most of the danger signs are in red to create the feeling in mind.

Blue: Blue is the second primary color along with red. Blue is the color that indicates reliability, confidence, and security. That is the reason why most of the banks prefer to keep their branding in the blue color. Not only this, the bright shades of the blue denote friendliness and the dark shades represent the experience, success, and stability.

Green: Green is the third primary color. As we all can feel that green is the color of nature and associated with the plant world and life. Green also gives the feeling of serenity, rejuvenation, prosperity, health, and optimism. For the branding purposes, the green color work with the products or companies related to energy, finance, food, household goods and technological items. Do not even dare to use it in the clothing or cars especially unless you are not working on an eco-friendly car.

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