Instagram Marketing Tools for More Followers, Likes

Best Instagram Marketing Tools:

Instagram is a social networking platform with over 1 billion active users. If you are a business owner then your business should be on Social media. Because Social media are a marketing tool that you can use to grow your business faster on the Internet. You’re probably already on LinkedIn, Facebook, and might be on Twitter. You might be on Instagram too and maybe you are not. If you are already on Instagram then you should these following tools to manage and grow your Instagram. But if you are no on Instagram then start your business account on Instagram. There are many Instagram tools that you can find to improve your Instagram Rankings and you can become Instagram Famous. But in this article, we are listing some of the hot and best tools that you should use in your Instagram Marketing Strategy.

Best Instagram tools:

  • Likegrowers:
  • Canva:
  • Hootsuite:
  • Instagram Feed WD
  • Combin:

1- Likegrowers:

If you want to grow your Instagram then Likegrowers is the best option for you. Likegrowers is Instagram Auto Liker tool that will help you to get Auto likes from the safe organic interaction. This amazing tool offers a lot of amazing features that will help you grow faster. Using this tool you can reach your audience and users who are interesting in your services or products or relevant to your niches. Sounds Good!

You know that saying, “Find what works and do more of it”?

This tool will save you a lot of time. So now you don’t have to like one by one image. Just buy this tool and enjoy. Here are details of this tool features and how they work.

2- Canva:

Instagram is Image and video sharing social network platform. So don’t forget this amazing tool to design your images for Instagram. Canva is a free Picture designing tool that will help you to design and create your Instagram Images. No Matter if you want to make advance editing or quick editing Canva is the best option for you.

Canva also offers ready templates for Major Big Social Media Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Many more.  Using Canva you can add filters, Add text, Backgrounds, Infographics and much more. If you are not an even good designer then Canva offers a powerful amazing, drag and drop design tool to create and design Professional Images for your business.


There’s no way of jumping into the future, but if there was, it’d be called Hootsuite because you can schedule all of your posts without any issue. Hootsuite is one of the best time server tools when it comes to schedule and manages social media accounts. Hootsuite will let you publish and schedule upcoming posts on multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and few more. Hootsuite also provides the powerful dashboard to see your account insights, manage your schedules, and also can help you to easily monitor your competition.  

Let’s say you were to create an Instagram Marketing plan. You plan to post estimated 5 posts per day. Which are estimated 35 to 40 posts per week and similarly around about 150 posts per month? You can schedule these posts in Hootsuite to save your time.

4- Instagram Feed WD:

Instagram Feed WD is easy to use plugin! Instagram Feed WD allows you to bring user and hashtag-based Instagram feeds to your website with only a few clicks. You can display composite feeds of hashtags and users with custom styling and image metadata. Use beautiful layouts, such as Masonry, Thumbnail, Blog style, and Browser. 

5- Combin:

Combin is an Instagram growth tool aimed at organic audience attraction. Powerful search ability lets you find accounts and posts from your targeted audience by

  • hashtag,
  • location,
  • hashtag+location, and
  • among followers and
  • commenters of your competitors.

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Comment by Ashley Summer on September 21, 2019 at 4:07pm

Thanks for sharing these marketing tips! Not so long ago I started using Instagram for my business. I should admit I have tried all your recommendations earlier and they are really effective. Also I’d like to add one more effective tool to your list .


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