Is buying corded headsets a better decision than buying Bluetooth headsets?

Is buying corded headsets a better decision than buying Bluetooth headsets? This completely depends on the requirements that each individual user has. It is a fact that wireless headsets have taken over the conventional corded headphones. However, if you view the past, you would figure out that in the past, only corded headsets were used for communicating. With technological advancements, people started giving more priority to mobility and convenience than comfort. Thus, they started switching to cordless headsets.

Here are the key points that perform a comparative analysis of corded and wireless headsets.

The Price Factor

When you talk about affordability, wireless headsets are more expensive than corded ones. Hence, if you have a low price range to purchase a headset, corded headsets would prove to be more suitable for you. On the other hand, if the price is not a constraint for you, you can go through numerous wireless headset options available.


Before you buy a headset or start looking at different options online, you should have a clearly defined purpose. This would help you in buying the correct headset. For instance, people who work in call centers do not need to move a lot from their seats. They are responsible for receiving calls while sitting in the same place. Considering this professional requirement, corded headsets prove to be better for them.

On the other hand, if you are working as a remote IT professional or insurance agent, a wireless headset would prove to be better for you. This is because remote IT professionals and insurance personnel need to take calls when they are on the move.

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For instance, if you are working as an insurance professional, you would get calls from customers and investors even after working hours. To take these calls, you would have to pair your headset with your smartphone. In other words, you would need a wireless headset for this kind of communication.

Continuous Ongoing Costs

Once you buy a corded headset, you do not need to spend extra sums of money for maintaining it. For instance, a wireless headset has a battery and is charged with the help of a charger. If the battery needs to be replaced, you would have to spend money to purchase it.

Similarly, you would have to purchase a charger if it stops working. With a corded headset, the user does not have to spend money on buying a charger or battery.  However, corded headsets have distortions when their wire breaks. This is when the user has to replace the headset.

Being restricted to one position

Being at work simply means that you need to perform your professional tasks for 9 to 10 hours. During this long duration, everyone likes to be away from his seat for something to get refreshed and concentrate on professional tasks after a break. If you are using a corded headset, you would not be able to receive any of your calls once you are away from your seat.

Users do not need to go through this restriction when they are using wireless headsets with Bluetooth connectivity. If you are using a wireless headset, you can be away from your seat and answer your call conveniently. However, if you go beyond the Bluetooth range of the headset, your ongoing call would get dropped.

Using a corded headset, in the long run, creates medical issues like neck stiffness, backaches, and frozen shoulders. This is because you can only move to a certain degree while using corded hearing devices.

Carrying compatibility

When it comes to carrying headphones, wireless headphones are a lot more compatible than corded ones. While carrying a corded headset, the wires get entangled and create a lot of mess for the user. As compared to a corded headset, wireless headsets can be carried in a more convenient manner. First of all, you do not need to deal with any wires.

Secondly, in terms of size, wireless headsets are smaller as compared to corded ones. Thus, they occupy less space. It is not necessary to place a wireless headphone in a case when you are moving from one place to the other. If you are using an “on the ear” or “over the ear” wireless headset, you can simply wear it when you leave for work. Wireless headphones are also more compatible as they are lighter in terms of weight.

Voice Quality

The voice quality of a corded headset is better as compared to a wireless one. One of the key reasons for this is that the voice quality does not depend on the standard of wireless connectivity. For call center professionals, the standard of voice quality is an important parameter and impacts their professional performance. Hence, corded headsets prove to be more suitable for them as compared to wireless ones.

Professional Requirements

Both corded and cordless headphones are suitable for certain professions. At work, if you are not required to move around and take calls, you should use corded headphones. For example, customer support professionals need to receive calls from the clients or make calls to the potential customers while remaining seated so they prefer corded headphones.

Similarly, people who work in the brokerage industry cannot remain seated during working hours. They need to keep an eye on multiple market screens and receive calls along with that so they prefer wireless headphones with good battery life.

Overall Comparison

Is buying corded headsets a better decision than buying Bluetooth headsetsAll of us receive or make calls throughout the day. Apart from making or receiving work-related calls, we do entertain personal calls as well. With a wireless headset, you can make or receive calls wherever you are.

In other words, you do not have to remain seated in one place and handle all your communication. A wireless headset is lighter and can be carried when you are driving, exercising or moving from one department to the other at work. With a good wireless headset, communication becomes a lot easier and compatible.

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