Is Jabra Biz 1500 Series are More Ideal Than Plantronics Supraplus Series

Jabra and Plantronics both are the top companies when you are to be concerned with corded headsets. It is very difficult to answer that which one of it is the best for use. It is more concerned with personal preference and your type of use rather than the price.

Jabra produces much more variety of headsets according to the consumers use rather than Plantronics.

We should compare both the companies to check whether Biz 1500 of Jabra is much ideal or Plantronics Supraplus Series.

Jabra Biz 1500 Series

The story of Jabra is very old. First, it was known as the GN Netcom Headset, and for more than 20 years, it was sold under the same brand. But when both the companies merged, they changed their name to Jabra and starting selling their items under Jabra.

Jabra Biz 1500 is the new entry in the model list while its predecessor was Jabra Biz 1920. It has many advantages over its predecessor like better built, reliable and worth useable with good quality sound and cord. It has all those features, which are available in many expensive models of other companies.

It has a noise cancellation microphone, HD sound, adjustable boom with much lesser price than others. Above all, it has a warranty of 2 years. It is the most sold and popular headset of the Jabra company due to its cheapness. It cost you only $50, light in your pocket and heavy duty. Due to its design and manufacturing art, it is much more reliable and durable. Many companies are using these headsets with no complaints as far.

It comes with a bundle of GN1200 Smart Cord. This bundle uniqueness is that it could be connected to almost every desk phone available. Its feature of noise cancellation made it much popular, which reduces most of the unwanted background noise. The ear cushions are much comfortable and you can use it for all day with no ear fatigue. It is less in weight and doesn’t cause panic for its users.

Features of Jabra Biz 1500

  1.  It includes the bundle of GN1200 Smart Cord.
  2.  It weighs only 1.90 oz. much less than others.
  3.  It has on official 2 years warranty.
  4.  It has a bendable boom arm.
  5.  No more noise, it has Noise Cancellation Technology.
  6.  With Noise Cancellation It also has PeakStop Technology to reduce extremely loud sounds.
  7.  Foam Ear cushions for long time usage without ear fatigue.

Plantronics SupraPlus Series

Plantronics Supraplus had entered the market about 10 years ago. They have a lot of consumers and are On the top of the list in corded headsets. They are durable and much efficient in working. They are the gold standard in performance and provide comfort for the most intensive phone user.

Plantronics Supraplus series is very much trusted around the world and they are working hard for continuing standard for design, durability, and manufacturing of the corded headsets.

Supraplus series has the VoIP technology, which means that extended noise-cancellation features in new wideband receivers providing speech clarity. Communication requires no errors in listening and these features help in decreasing listening errors and listening features.

The Supraplus series works with all Plantronics audio processors and USB adapters. Its direct connect features makes it much easy to use as it is plug and play. It provides connection flexibility for working in different environments.

Its design makes it popular, as it is light in weight with a flexible cable and a comfortable headband design. It also has a bendable microphone boom arm to enhance the sound quality and user experience in work field.

Key Features Of SupraPlus Series

  1.  It comes with two types of designs, which are monaural and binaural styles. These two designs depend on the usage of the consumer. As the monaural allows the user to hear the conversation as well as the talk in the background, whereas the binaural cancels the background noise and only focuses on the conversation being done on the headset.

  2.  Its design makes it easy for the user to use it. With its quick call feature, it allows the user to twist the headset and pick up the call much conveniently.

  3.  It is less in weight, small in size and also has a flexible cable. It is specially designed for lightweight and its durability and has a single cable especially for the binaural models.

  4.  Supraplus has outstanding receive-side audio quality with clear sound. It makes it much responsive and the user can easily listen to the speaker without any error.

  5.  VoIP technology is introduced in this series. The main feature of this technology is noise-cancellation. It provides much more improved speech clarity and it decreases the listening errors for the user on the other side and lessens ear fatigue.

  6.  SupraPlus Series Silver version is a special edition. One of its main advantages is the leatherette ear cushions, which provides calm experience for the user and keep ears safe from any sort of harm.

SupraPlus Series has a number of models based on different categories and usage. More than 10 models are introduced in this series. Every model is special in its kind with many features and listening experiences

Which One Is Ideal?

Therefore, by explanation quoted above, it will be much easy for the user to answer that which one is ideal out of both companies. It varies from user to user that which one is ideal. Many of the features relate in both Jabra and Plantronics SupraPlus Series. Sound cancellation, durability, ear-friendly, HD sound and designs are the main features related to both the models.

Keeping in mind the user experiences, it will not be wrong to say Plantronics Supraplus series ideal. Plantronics is much more used rather than the Jabra and it has much more rating than the Jabra 1500 Biz. A vast range of models in Supraplus series allows it be ideal because every user can select them as suitable for him.

Jabra can be said ideal on the basis of its cheapness. It is much cheaper than the Supraplus series, but the main concern is that while selecting the quality and durability most often people do not care about the money. They just want quality, which is found more in Plantronics SupraPlus Series.

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