Is Your Ecommerce Site User Friendly or Is It Losing Sales?

Today’s online shoppers are product and price savvy, and extremely picky when it comes to service. They can afford to be, considering the multitude of Internet businesses clamoring to cater to them. Therefore, if your ecommerce site is not user friendly, it is losing sales. You can get your ecommerce site up to speed with a few considerations:

The customer experience

Your ecommerce site should be designed with the customer experience in mind. What kind of customer experience is that? A good rule of thumb is to liken it to the experience of walking into a traditional, physical storefront. Customers are greeted at the door, asked if they need help, provided with relevant product suggestions, offered explanations for product usage, and given useful feedback when they ask questions. Simply put, the shopping experience is uniquely tailored to their needs, and in a very personable way. The goal of your shopping cart site is to recreate that experience as closely as possible in the virtual realm.

Web design.

A great customer experience comes down to user friendly web design. There are specific design elements that should be incorporated into your site if you want to cater to your customers in a way that incites them to spend and inspires them to come back for more. On a practical level, your website should be easy to navigate through. This generally comes down to organization and simplicity. Additionally, your ecommerce site should be aesthetically pleasing and visually directive (i.e. your customers’ eyes should naturally be led through the site via visual aids in a way that makes sense and guides them to a purchase). Lastly, security is of utmost importance to your customers. They want to know that their financial transaction information is safe with you, or else they simply won’t purchase from you. You can hire an Ecommerce design company like to develop and design your ecommerce store for you or just opt for an an ecommerce website template you can find online. Either way, the site has to look good, safe, and secure.


No matter how nice your site is to look at and how secure your visitors are while on your site, it doesn’t do any good if your site doesn’t function to make sales. This is where usability comes into play. With the end purpose of making a sale in mind, your site should be fully functional every step of the way–product promotion, shopping cart, customer service, sales transaction, shipping, and follow-through. A glitch or hang-up in any one of these areas will lose you customers, and promptly.

User friendliness

User friendliness is tantamount to making sales and maintaining a strong rapport with your customers. Keep all of these factors in mind when assessing just how user friendly (or unfriendly) your ecommerce site is.

As an increasing number of folks engage in on-line purchasing, popularity of eCommerce website design continues to improve as being a main economic exercise throughout the globe. The consequence of this trend, a lot of businesses are now establishing their online presence and reaching a global marketplace by means of eCommerce websites.

eCommerce website design aims to encourage online customers to get goods and also to stay longer on the website and also to devote more. In addition, it incorporates clear, market pleasant content, and features a user-friendly interface. An eCommerce website also features a buying cart and a basic checkout. After a consumer is completed acquiring from an eCommerce website, quite a few PHP scripts collect all of the essential data about the customer’s payment data, shipping and billing handle, along with other crucial info that relates to the buy.

At the exact same time, at various PHP script analyses the consumer’s payment information and generates a suitable format for a bank card on the web network for payment processing. The developer of Eshop websites is actually a very specialized activity according to their functionalities and it is not the process of lay net designers.

If you’re pondering about starting an eCommerce project or improve your recent eCommerce website, it is vital which you employ a skilled and seasoned website designer who’ll function with you with all the highest degree of professionalism and enable you to obtain your website goals.

There are lots of benefits of e-shop website design. One of the best rewards is the tax advantage you get from owning an eCommerce website that’s not so using a bodily enterprise premises. An eCommerce website permits you to include huge quantities of products for your catalogue. You’ll be able to simply classify these items into the right categories to allow your buyers to ease entry the merchandise they want. Through a website design ecommerce, you can also boost the awareness of your products and brand to an international marketplace.

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