Jabra Biz series vs. Plantronics H Series Which One is Best?

At present, two companies in the market are the most popular ones when it comes to manufacturing of headsets.They both offer some of the best series of headsets with all the features needed for the use of office or personal use. These two companies are the Jabra and Plantronics headsets. Both the companies had their latest series revealed in the market and both the series come with their distinct features that can help the user in having the best experience.

Jabra Biz Series

The Jabra Biz series is one of the best headsets out there. It includes quite a few models including the Jabra Biz 2400 series. There are many different models in the series, and all of them are a slight modification of each other with upgraded features or better design. This whole series is equipped with some of the best features that you can find in headsets in the market.

The Jabra Biz headsets are good for use in the office as they have some technologies that can let you alter the noise level as well as cancel out any noise from the surroundings. This feature lets you work even in crowded workspaces or in a busy office.

Features of Jabra Biz Series

The first thing to be mentioned about each product is the price that it comes with. The Jabra Biz series is priced starting from $100, and the prices move up based on the extent of the features that the headsets have. The price may sound a bit too much, but the headsets are worth the price as they have all the features that you would expect to get at this price.

For the body material, different ones are used for each headset. The one most commonly used is the KEVLAR along with the surgical steel body. This gives the headsets quite a sleek and unique feel that is amazing for personal use or office use. One of the best features of Jabra Biz Series is that all headsets are fit with noise cancellation systems. They allow the user to use the headsets in a variety of environment despite the noise created by people around them or the weather such as strong winds and dripping rainwater.

The microphone is headset which makes the headsets good for usage. By this technology, the microphones give off sound at a frequency of 300 Hertz which is suitable for human ears and does not pose any threat to the health of the user. The headsets are all wired so that they can be used in office easily and even be used for personal use for listening to music.

Making the Jabra Biz Series even more wonderful is the fact that most models come with a two or three years warranty. This warranty is enough for everyone’s usage as the user has the advantage of getting the headset repaired or exchanged during that period.

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Plantronics H Series

The second notable series of headsets to be used in today’s time is the Plantronics H series. There are also quite a few models available for sale while the company has discontinued some of the others. The models that are available for sale at the moment are Duoset, Duopro, Mirage and many others. You can find the whole list of present and discontinued headsets on the website of the company.

The H series comes with a Quick Disconnect technology that lets you disconnect from your phone whenever you need to.You do not need to place a call on hold, and you can just conveniently disconnect the headset without hindering what you are already doing. The headsets support a lot of Plantronics amplifiers which makes their functionality even more profound.

Features or Plantronics H Series

The H series headsets come with a lot of different features, and one of them is the type of earbuds. While some models have the over the ear feature, the others have them in the near feature. The most notable feature of the H series is the quick disconnect that has made it so popular. It also works with any amplifier or any USB port that you may have. With top-notch noise quality, the headsets offer the right volume and tone for the ears without damaging them or exposing them to higher frequencies that are beyond the range of human hearing.

A drawback for Plantronics H series is that you will need a cable to connect it to your phone. Without that, you will not be able to use your headset with your telephone. However, this problem is solved by the quick disconnect feature that lets you disconnect without disturbing anything that you are currently doing. The design for the Plantronics H series is also unique as the headsets are normally present in two colors, namely black and grey. These two colors give the headsets a sophisticated finish and make it look quite good, no matter which kind of earbuds you are using.

Plantronics vs Jabra Biz: Which one is Best?

After a comparison of the features of both the headset series, we have concluded that the Jabra Biz series might just be the winner here. This is mainly because it has a much better design and looks quite professional and sleek when used in the office.

Also, it has the additional noise cancellation technology that the Plantronics does not have. With this technology, working in an office space or crowded it becomes a whole lot easier.

Secondly, the Plantronics headset needs a cord to connect them to your telephone which is a drawback that can hinder the functioning of the headset in office.

As a result, we have deduced that if you want to go to for the best choice among the two given above, you can go for Jabra Biz. It is your ultimate choice if the remarkable design and matchless functionality are what you are looking for.

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