Know how MEAN Stack development benefits you

There is an array of choices available for web development. However, at the same point, the technological updates also stand fuss sometimes with some great loopholes that arise post development.

Today, the market has greatly shifted towards the JavaScript-based open source framework. While selecting the JavaScript framework, you must pay attention to choose one, which offers you a scope to scale the development and exhibit skill conveniently. This is the core reason why a number of custom software development company choose MEAN stack and switched from LAMP/WAMP. MEAN stack is a suitable development framework for startups or established enterprises. Frontend and backend developers for web development process prefer the javascript framework MEAN stack development.

MEAN stack is the open source software where M stands for MongoDB, E for Express, and A stands for AngularJS and N for Node.js. The perfect blend of four strong pillars is the blessing for custom software development and complex projects.


MongoDB is a cost-effective, open source and cross platform independent database framework. The primary function of the open source database framework is managing database where it depends on the document-based architecture instead of tables and rows. The biggest advantage of MongoDB is the transfer of data through JSON format. MongoDB can also be used for transfer of client and server-side data. MongoDB also uses for various other purposes including files storing, index preparing, aggregation, and load balancing.


One of the most popular web applications Express is a JavaScript-based frameworks, which is a great helping hand for API at the time of web application or MEAN stack development. Express is the innovative technology, which allows the developer to add new features. The collaboration of Express with Node.js makes the development more simplified. Express is mainly used for backend development and faster, securer apps.


For fronted development, angular.js is the first choice of MEAN stack developer, whereas the express.js is implied for the backend development process. Backed by Google, Angular JS is the most trusted friend for Full Stack frontend developers. You can build a fully scalable dynamic web application, which contains a modular structure. Angular Js is also capable of data binding which let developers pay attention to the main application. It is one of the most favorable development frameworks for mobile app development with cross platform development through the aid of Apache Cordova.


Another JavaScript-based development application Node.js is based on Chrome V8 engine. Node.js has unique run-time features, which help in developing the highly scalable and vibrant web application. MEAN stack developer can build web servers, free modules, and networking tools which help in accessing the network, data stream, and crypto function. It reduces the difficulties during the development tasks and supports all the major platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS and Unix.

Advantages MEAN stack development:

Here, we will discuss the benefits of MEAN stack development and find out why MEAN stack is the first choice among the JavaScript framework.

Low Cost:

The MEAN stack is the full stack, which eliminates the need for the search of different developers. This indirectly creates a vital reason for the popularity of one digital framework, Cost friendliness and low budget. Ever since the release, there are many young developers, who have shown their keen interest n MEAN stack development. It makes an opportunity to work in collaboration with the team. The developers work in a team for a JavaScript project and share the code, as it is reusable within the stack.

Full JavaScript framework:

Second, what favors MEAN stack is that it is reliable and powerful complete JavaScript framework, which is the perfect choice for both client and server side and helps the developer to develop the web application. There are more chances of traffic increase, as Node.js and Angular.js both offer the wide scope for the scalable and dynamic web application. MEAN stack manages the data appropriately and offers the ultimate user Experience. JavaScript stands ahead in the recovering the data and MEAN stack further speeds up.

Flexible and Efficient:

MEAN stack is a flexible and entirely efficient JavaScript framework, which elegantly handles the large projects. It is also suitable for large complex tasks as well as the single page web applications. However, the strong coordination within an experienced team makes the tasks easier, because the data sharing and information exchange are also simple here, b just simple adding of the field and follow of the process.


JSON aids in the seamless distribution of the data between layers. The comfort to choose either Mongo DB or Angular.js, the code is highly sharable which saves from writing the code again.
mean stack development, man stack developer, and custom software development. It is one of the most important assets, with MEAN stack developers, as they have access to PHP. The huge advantage is that it uses a similar format ever time, which saves a lot of time while reformatting. Alongside, it is also possible to work with the external API.


All the four open source frameworks are highly scalable and free. Alongside, there are also reusable models and additional libraries available. the scalable components speed up the development and save a lot of time.

Clean development process:

The huge benefit of MEAN stack development is that all code is written in JavaScript, which eliminates the need of companies to hire different developers to work on a single project. Node.js is than best option for real-time web apps, as they utilize web socket for allowing data to be sent to the client without the client side request. Unlike, most of the traditional web apps, web page need not be refreshed for server request, as it utilizes SPAs.


It is clear, that MEAN stack is the perfect choice for the development of highly visited and dynamic web applications. It not only gives the platform for single page web applications but also complex projects. Node.js has itself a huge platform with giant players such as Netflix, PayPal, Uber, and LinkedIn. In addition, it growing with the time and overlapping LAMP/WAMP. Hiring a MEAN stack developer is a highly beneficial step for your development need.

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