Two months of the year 2018 already passed and with every passing day, Google is updating its algorithm & strategies to deal with websites. With these changing algorithms, SEO Trends are evolving in parallel. Now it’s not the same old SEO where you just had to put some link building activities, go through some On-Page optimization, a little bit of keyword stuffing and boom… You will be ranked at the top in SERP.

In 2017, Google Rank Brain and other algorithm updates had already made things clear that the old activities like keyword stuffing, paid link building activities and other spam activities will not work now. In fact, it will lower your overall site quality and the ranking goes down. The ultimate result is a loss of your business.

Recently Google had published some of the articles, on which they had suggested some new ranking signals, which will appear in near future.

Check this 


8 SEO Trends to follow in 2018 -

Mobile-First Approach

Google started experimenting with mobile first approach since last quarter of 2016 and release its updated status in December 2017. Google clearly mentioned that it had started monitoring and experimenting some of the mobile-ready sites. Further according to stats, mobile internet usage has already surpassed desktop usage. Mobile devices excluding tablets accounted for 52.64 % of web page views worldwide. This data shows the necessity of mobile first approach and Google will unveil it anytime in near future.

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