When most business owners think about business, they usually don't immediately anticipate all of their legal needs. Unfortunately, this puts them in a situation where when they need legal service, they don't have it and go on a mad dash to find it. I've assembled some useful information below to help the average small business owner determine their legal need, and find out the best resources and options to use. As a point of disclosure, I have no affiliation with any of the companies or services described below.

  1. Prepaid Legal - This is a type of legal insurance where the business owner pays a flat premium monthly fee for possible future legal representation by attorneys covered in the policy network. Although this in theory can work out in some simple circumstances, there has been a lot of criticism of the industry as a multilevel marketing business with little support or delivery of service when you actually need it. I would suggest caution and due diligence in researching any type of prepaid legal.
  2. Paralegal - Using an experienced paralegal can be a tremendous time & money saver when doing things like forming a corporation, deed preparation, evictions, notary Etc. Paralegals generally do what they're instructed, without the ability to give legal advice.
  3. Attorney - Using a traditional lawyer may be the only way to solve your legal issue, and many times if they aren't the best attorney suited to help you chances are they know a colleague who is. Spending money on a good attorney first, can save you a lot of time and money in the future.
  4. Online Legal Forms - If all you need is a basic legal document and price is a primary consideration, you may consider Legalzoom, Rocket LawyerNolo or other similar services. These services can help you prepare a document immediately, print it within an hour and without the heavy fee of an attorney.

Whichever service you choose make sure to research your options thoroughly and ask friends and colleagues for suggestions. This post is not to be construed as legal advice as the author is not an attorney, but merely a guide as to options available.

Bradley SEO Marketing is a legal marketing company and has recently completed a project for a San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer who is a California Bar Certified criminal defense specialist.

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