Lego, Hasbro Take Legal Action to Protect their Trademark Rights (and You Should Too)

It’s no secret that businesses spend millions of dollars to protect their trademark rights. Trademarks (logos, names, slogans) are at the heart of many brand-based businesses, and the businesses that understand the value of these intellectual property assets are willing (as they should be) to invest money in developing and maintaining exclusive rights in their brands.

Lego Protects its Trademark Against Cybersquatters

While Lego made headlines recently for losing its battle to obtain control of the domain name, it has in the past filed hundreds of actions against cybersquatters and trademark infringers in order to maintain control of its brand image on the Internet. Lego owns numerous registered trademarks for its products, and through effective trademark monitoring and trademark enforcement efforts it is able to maintain the value and exclusivity of its brands.

Hasbro Protects its Trademark Against Consumer Confusion

In late 2011, Hasbro filed a lawsuit against computer manufacturer Asus in order to protect its famous “Transformers” trademark. Asus was seeking to use the name “Transformer Prime” for its new tablet/laptop hybrid, which it had introduced to the market nearly a year prior. Hasbro’s trademark lawsuit against Asus is reflective of its overall trademark protection strategy, which has included efforts to protect its Scrabble, Monopoly and My Little Pony brands against smaller companies.

You Can Implement a Strong Trademark Protection Program

Of course, trademark protection isn’t just for the big guys. All businesses really should be taking the steps necessary to protect their trademarks—and to stay out of trouble when it comes to potentially infringing on other companies’ trademark rights.

Three Steps to Trademark Protection

Trademark Clearance Research

Trademark protection starts with performing trademark research to see if anyone else is already using a “confusingly similar” trademark. If they are, not only will you not be able to develop an exclusive brand, but you may well face liability for trademark infringement if you step on someone else’s shoes.

Trademark Registration

Once you have performed the necessary trademark clearance research, the next step is to apply for trademark registration with the USPTO. USPTO trademark registration establishes national exclusivity (subject to any prior un-registered rights), and puts the world on notice of your claim to exclusive rights in your brand.

Trademark Monitoring

Finally, once you have applied for trademark registration, the next step is to implement an ongoing trademark monitoring program to make sure your exclusive rights aren’t being violated. How do you think Lego and Hasbro found out about these issues? The answer: trademark monitoring.

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