Let’s see the industry of front-end developers

What do you think on hearing front end of anything? It can be the entry side of somewhere, the side we can see of anything or the side we can use. Same we can understand in terms of development. The side which is visible to the users and they have the right to access it, is the front end of any application or website. The websites or the applications you see, all are the front ends of them. The front end is basically concerned with the designing part.

Whenever you see a website or any application what you focus on it firstly? The looks? Definitely, you will first see the style of the text written, the cool animations in it and all the designing part on it. A front end developer has to make sure about the designing part, that it should be creative, attractive and also free of bugs or errors.

The technologies used by front end developers are:- HTML, CSS, Javascript.

  • HTML:-  The Hypertext Markup Language is used by the front developers to design the web pages. Use of HTML is very easy and can lead to flexibly designed web pages. Videos, images, sounds can be added to the web pages using HTML.   
  • CSS:- Cascading style sheet, as the name suggests basically used to give style to the web pages. Using CSS, you can edit the font style, size, color, layout, styling effects and much more that can help your webpage look awesome. Use of CCS may save efforts as well as your time also as you just have to apply the editing on one page only and another will just follow the same. Is not it Amazing?  
  • JavaScript:- JavaScript, the object-oriented language used for the web pages interactions. It doesn’t need to compile like other object-oriented languages i.e. C++ or Java. JavaScript can be embedded with HTML pages to enhance the pages HTML pages. Using JavaScript is very easy.

To engage users with your website or application, the need of brilliant designing is very high as if a user doesn’t attract towards your website or application firstly, I don’t think they would like to use it anymore. The designer of any website or application needs to be brilliant about the exclusive ideas and should have great knowledge of front end development.

I know you must be thinking where to go to get the exclusive designs for your website or application. You just have to go nowhere because we, Front end development company India are delivering our best ideas for designing websites and applications that will definitely amaze you.

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