Leverage These Digital Marketing Trends to One-Up the Competition

The marketing arena is ever-changing and when you remain still thinking that what you deployed in your previous marketing strategy is going to work out for your business this time, you could be mistaken. The marketing landscape needs changes in tactics and strategies so that you stay ahead of competitors. It can be difficult to project the methods that will help businesses, marketers, and brands connect effectively with consumers. At that time you think you understand your audience, new behaviors, new technology, or even new audiences change every sphere of your marketing gimmicks and that’s why you might want to seek a helping hand of a digital marketing expert. Having said that, what are the digital marketing trends that will one-up the competitors?

Voice Search is Big!

A nifty bit of technology, voice search is getting bigger with more people expected to use the innovation. Voice search makes it easy to find information you need online, you don’t even have to pull out a device. Audiences love it since it reduces the time they take on screen.

The ComScore has projected that half of entire search queries are going to be voice-based by the time we are in 2020, and TechCrunch says that more than 47 million adults at present can access a smart speaker. A majority of people now use voice recognition to search information online when it’s necessary. However, that’s perhaps because they haven’t yet been accustomed to using it. As the accuracy rates continue to improve, you will see more consumers adopting the technology. Soon brands will begin to struggle to claim their spot in the voice searches results. There is obvious some difference between voice search and text search – that’s something you would want to figure out as a website owner or marketer. What a customer may say isn’t what they may type.

AI-Powered Solutions Continue to Reign

Artificial intelligence has become prominent; it makes businesses to efficiently make their data analysis. It also allows brands to target potential leads quickly and helps performs things that people struggle with. Artificial intelligence can help in monitoring the patterns of consumers online and understand their behaviors. AI tools like Alexa and Siri are a household name, they are programmed to help provide unmatched customer service and allow audiences to shop, find, and order items online in a faster and easier way.

The OC&C Strategy Consultants project that about 55 percent of households will employ AI-powered solutions by the year 2022. Businesses need to work with software programmers to see how they can integrate artificial intelligence in their brands and marketing strategies. Having a smart AI- driven app for a business will help in reaching out to customers with more accuracy. It will help businesses increases efficiencies and reduce lags in creating the appropriate customer experiences.

VR and AR Remain a Mainstream Feature

It’s not video games, VR and AR mean creating artificial realities in real time. Think about it this way, if you want to furnish your kitchen or living room, and you want to shop the right furniture, you can do space ergonomics to see how efficiently the items will fit the room. A potential buyer can have a look and feel of their living or kitchen space with the new furniture even before they have bought them- thanks to the VR and AR technology.

Brands can use Virtual Reality as well as Augmented Reality to enhance the experience of customers and draw the audiences closer to the brand. An good example is the IKEA, it designed a Virtual Reality Kitchen – this is a shopping app meant to allow customers to test out various IKEA products and solutions before purchasing them.

Most businesses need to check on their marketing and sales days including the information customers give as feedback to see if the audiences want to try out items or services before they purchase. If that’s the case, it might mean the businesses have to invest in mobile or web apps having VR technology to help in closing deals, particularly if there are no brick and mortar stores for the business. There is need to hire digital marketing expert who understands the elements of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in marketing.

Vertical Video Offering a New Experience

Videos are an impressive feature for a brand. Many businesses use videos in their marketing strategy to connect with audiences. YouTube, a leading search engine and a video sharing platform allows people to spend countless hours watching videos. However, people don’t usually like tilting or turning their handheld devices so that they have a great view of the videos. Instagram for example, launched IGTV to allow audiences watch videos in vertical mode. This technology allows longer content – a business can publish demos, case studies, animated videos, interviews, live streams, and 360-degree virtual reality among others.

Sales Funnel Being Personalized

When you send email blasts or ads, you will need to personalize the interaction with targeted customers. Attention of the audience is today a valuable aspect that will help tap them to become loyal customers. Like telephone landlines, if you are using impersonalized emails or ads, you will be out of the wagon. You should hyper-target your audience segments making sure that you personalize every interaction your create. Assemble information regarding the way to address your audiences for example, the right words and phrases to use. If you find that you aren’t handling the sales funnel effectively, a certified digital marketing expert team can come in handy.

Visual Searches Begin to Take off

Other technologies like visual searches are beginning to take off. Google, the chief search engine has for a long time enabled reverse-image searching, however, newer camera technologies are making it possible for individuals to take shots of something and find more information about it online. For example, the Lens feature launched by Pinterest enabled the users to make more than 600 million collective monthly searches using it. Brands should not neglect Pinterest in their marketing strategies to leverage the prowess of image searches.

With these digital trends and technological milestones, brands will see an improved interaction with audiences. It will help audiences have a greater experience as they interact with a brand ensuring they make wise buying decisions and they don’t feel like they are being perceived as gatekeepers of wallets. The brands will also be able to understand what their customers really want and present it in the right way thus building trust. Because implementing these technologies can be a challenge for the non-tech savvy, businesses should consider hiring a digital marketing company to help roll the marketing wheel further.

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