Looking for Painless Ways to Save Money? Here Are 4 Quick Ones

Saving money doesn't mean that you have to live a minimalist existence filled with pain and suffering. There are plenty of ways you can save money without being deprived of life's comforts. Most of the time, the money you can save will come from areas where you are spending too much. Let's look at four quick ways you can save money without feeling deprived.


Look for a New Bank Account

If you are paying fees on your bank account, it is time to look for a new one. There are plenty of banking options out there that do not involve paying fees for basic banking. You can often get sign-on bonuses. You may also find that you gain interest on the balance you keep in the bank. Why pay fees when you can actually make money?

You can find free online banking options as well as local banking ones. Take some time to check around and find the best match for your banking needs. You may be able to save $100 or more every year.


Sign Up for Free Customer Cards

Customer reward cards can actually save you a lot of money when you go shopping. Retailers love to reward customers with free stuff. It keeps the customers coming back to shop some more. Sign up for rewards cars wherever they are offered. When you are ready to go shopping, check your card offers and pick the best one.

Okay, no one likes to be spammed, but the deals you can get with customer cards cannot be passed up. Set up a new email account, specific for those offers. That way you get the benefits without the spam clogging up your regular email.


Negotiate the Rates on your Credit Cards or Transfer

If you are making regular payments on your credit cards, you may have some negotiating power to lower your interest rates. Not every card will consider it, but asking won't hurt. Just give the customer service number a call. Ask them if they will lower the interest rate on your credit card. The customer rep may have to review the account and get approval. But, a few minutes of your time could save you hundreds of dollars every year in interest.

When you have cards with a high interest rate, and no room to negotiate a lower rate, you can transfer balances to a lower interest credit card.

In both instances, you will get charged a lower amount of interest every month. That will help you gain in a couple of ways. Your payments should go down. Plus, the amount of interest goes down so the amount you are paying towards the principal will go up, allowing you to pay your debt down faster.


Get Quotes on Car Insurance

When was the last time you updated your car insurance? This type of insurance is one of those things that you do once and keep paying forever. If you haven't reviewed your car insurance in the past year, it is time to get some automobile quotes. You don't know how much you can save until you try.

Getting auto insurance quotes is easy. Just put in some basic information and hit the submit button. In a short time, you will get quotes from a few different insurance companies. Review the policies and see how much money you might be able to save every month.

These are four quick ways you can start saving money. None of them will deprive you of the little pleasures in life. In fact, you will get extra cash at the end of every month to use any way you want.

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