Looking into the picture of the first decade of mobile apps

Come 2017 and a prime landmark has been achieved, where mobile apps have progressed through their first decade since their inception    

Research from Flurry Analytics reveals that in 2016 the mean year over year growth regarding mobile app usage was 11 % with 69 % for the time spent on apps respectively

Although the progress was steady, variations in the growth of the several types of apps reveal that some major revolutionary innovative changes are to come as to how users interact with the apps and use media.

Based on Flurry Analytic's research it is revealed that session progress in some app groups has advanced at the cost of other categories. There was 44% advancement in regards to YoY session progress related to messaging and other such apps and simultaneously there was a drop of 46% pertaining to personalization group.

This is more with respect to the distinguishing attributes of time spent where messaging and social apps registered a growth of 394% while mobile games experienced a 4% drop.

News mobile app sessions showed a drop of 5 % whereas the time spent on the mobile app groups encompassing music and entertainment registered only 1% growth YoY.

The purchasing domain experienced an increased growth with respect to mobile apps utility where it was identified that in 2016, the time consumed in such apps increased by 31% YoY.

Coming to size attributes, the research shows that smartphones comparable in size with that of the tablet products represented 41% of the worldwide mobile products market share in the final quarter of 2016, which is an increase from 33 % in the first quarter.

It is noted that the average sized smartphones encompassed the major part of market share in the 4th quarter with 44 % which however, was less compared to 50 % in the initial quarter of 2016.

Michael Archer is the Co-Founder and CEO of Whatsappupdate a  popular Software products & Mobile App Development brand. He has vast expertise in designing and guiding novel, revolutionary and synergic software development teams to come up with prime software applications like Zoechat - Whatsapp Clone Script . He likes venturing into and encountering new things and also impart his wealth of knowledge with others.


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