In today’s fast paced world when everyone is on the go, it has become very difficult to take out time to sit down and attend classes for a particular skill that one might want to develop. To overcome this time crunch and make education available to everyone, some enterprises along with mobile application development companies have invented e-learning mobile applications for individuals to learn at their convenience. And there are not just a few, but many applications that can aid you with the same. Keep reading to see top e-learning mobile application developed by Top mobile application development company in India & USA !

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1) Udemy:

Udemy is an online learning platform available on iOS and android platforms where interested professionals can take up suitable online courses to enhance their skill and develop new ones. The iPhone, iPad and android mobile applications are highly intuitive with videos and graphics to support your learning goals. It has over 5 million people online with it’s user base growing each day.

 2) Chalklit:

Chalklit is another e-learning application for teachers. This application is unique as it helps teachers all over the world refine their skills and knowledge so that they can implement better knowledge and teaching expertise in the classroom. It is available for iPhones, iPad and Android phones. Not just online lessons, this application also lets teachers share their views online and have discussions on relevant topics or questions. This application also enables teachers and students to connect online promoting continuous learning.

 3) Emedicoz:

Emedicoz is an android application developed by Delhi Academy of medical sciences for aspiring post graduate students and doctors. Students who are registered with DAMS can have priority access to modules, online lectures, ebooks and various test series. All other who are not will have access to some test series etc for them to undertake. Other than this, there is an ask the experts section where students and medical professionals can put up their queries for experts. It is also a social network for doctors along with being an e-learning app for students.

 4) BYJU’s - The learning app:

BYJU’s is a one stop learning application suitable for individuals of all age groups. It has a number of test series from class 6 upto UPSC preparation test series. With engaging video lessons and online tutorials, BYJUs is an innovative and interactive mobile application with complete syllabus coverage of almost all categories a student looks for.

 5) Course Era:

It has a library of over2,000 courses and specializations developed by over 140+ of the best schools and universities on the planet.This learning mobile application has courses ranging from Python programming and data science to photography and music. Individuals can utilise this certified courses to enhance their skills in the workplace and helps moves your job in your choice of direction by helping you ace subjects in various dimensions.

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Comment by Andrew veld on February 22, 2018 at 1:36am

With changing times, the mobile application development scenario is also reshaping. Each day has new technical advancements which are giving birth to trends in the industry.


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