Magento Admin App: A Perfect Way to Manage Your Ecommerce Store Activities!

Having an online presence of business comes with a lot of ease and profitability. It does not ask for a lot of investment and you can start small. Over the years, we have witnessed several business owners who have moved their businesses from offline to online. And there might be a possibility that you too, are one of them.

Magento-Admin-App-A-Perfect-Way-to-Manage-Your-Ecommerce-Store-Activities But does it just end with having your presence on the world wide web? The answer of course, is “no.” There are many other aspects involved to handling an ecommerce store. You might be communicating with one of your clients on one hand. And on the other hand, you realize that you have run out of stocks! There are chances that you are often travelling and unable to keep on top of the happenings of your store. How do you handle such situations?

To be able to manage your Magento Store backend on the move, you need a robust Magento Admin App. MageMob Admin is one such Mobile App for Magento 2 that keeps you on the top of your store activities 24/7. This includes activities like customer order management, sales report creation, order tracking etc.

Given below are the ways in which MageMob Admin can help you to manage your ecommerce store activities:

1. View Activities through Dashboard

With the interactive dashboard of this Magento Mobile App, you can get a complete overview of the sales activities of your business. It is possible to obtain graphs displaying number of orders, total sales, average sales etc. You can also get duration based sales reports i.e. for last 24 hours, last week, current month, last month, last 90 days, current year, etc.

When there are multiple stores to handle, the task could be little more challenging. But with the help of MageMob Admin’s dashboard, you can obtain details about all these stores through interactive charts.

2. Manage Customers Seamlessly

Being able to manage customers forms the crux of any ecommerce administrative systems. Failure to fulfill their demands can have a negative impact on your business. Using Magento Admin App, you can easily manage the account details of customers and keep updated with product orders.

All you need to do is make the most out of “Customers” module in your mobile. Thereafter, you can click on the “Add Customer” icon and provide the details about your customers. You can also edit any information related to your customers at any point of time.

3. Manage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a huge role in making or breaking the impression of your business. If you have started fresh, there are chances that you might receive negative reviews. In such cases, it makes sense to read the customer reviews before publishing them. This Magento Mobile App enables you to view all the reviews, add and edit them from your mobile.

You just need to navigate to the menu of “Reviews” module. Thereafter, you can go to the “All Reviews” tab and “Approve” or “Reject” reviews as you want. To delete a review, you can click on “Delete” icon from the detail page of review.

4. Manage Products

When there are plenty of products on your store, managing product catalog becomes imperative. MageMob Admin Mobile App for Magento 2 enables you to add new products and edit them at any point in time. By doing so, you will be able to keep a track of number of products in your inventory and know about the additions as and when they take place.

For managing the products, you need to navigate to “Products” module. This will display the list of already created products. You can add new product by clicking on the “Add Product” icon and enter information about the products. If you want to make changes to the product information, you can click on the edit icon and do the needful.

Above mentioned are some of the ways in which Magento Admin App can help you manage your store activities seamlessly. Have you managed your ecommerce store from your mobile device? What tools have enabled you to do so? Share with us.

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