Magento Development Trends to Watch Out for in The Year 2019

Magento’s magic never ceases to impress. Year after year, the platform has offered the most flexible and impeccable ways to develop online stores. Not just that, it has also offered ecommerce development services providers with better control over content, features, and functionalities. Even when it comes to marketing the website or making its presence felt using SEO techniques, Magento never fails.

Today, we will talk about Magento Development Trends that you must look out for and how a Magento Development Company can help you implement the trends for your website. But before we do that, let’s go back to the Magento Ecommerce scenario in 2018.

A Throwback to Magento Ecommerce in 2018

In the year 2017, Magento had introduced speed improvements so that it can provide better user experience. Magento developers also embraced the idea and started creating websites that would load fast and work well. The website speed and usability enhancements enabled businesses to conduct better A/B tests with unified payment transactions and boosted security.

Pertaining to this trend, 2018 was about improving the conversion rates with the help of opt-in elements and pop-ups. Now that it is coming to an end, we must have trends in place for 2019. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at

Magento Development Trends to Watch Out for in The Year 2019

Include AI & Chatbots

The future wherein the devices converse, resolve issues, and make lives easier is already here! And Magento Ecommerce isn’t far in this race. As you all know, the major aim of artificial intelligence is to reach the customers in the best way possible and know about their preferences in buying. Using it, ecommerce store owners can design their supply chain easily.

Using Artificial Intelligence, you can target customers based on their choices and provide them with a personalized shopping experience. While AI alters the buyer experiences, chatbots can have a conversation with your customers in the absence of your customer care executives. Giants like Amazon and IKEA already make the most out of these technologies. And they would expand their horizons to other businesses by the year 2020. Think about it!

Charm through Micro interactions

It is always fun to interact with websites. It’s quite a lot like human interaction. And micro interactions are the most powerful way to charm your customers. Every time your customer visits your website, you can create a delightful and engaging moment for them. Let’s say you navigate your customers with different messages like “Welcome” “Let’s see what we have in store for you” “But wait a minute” “Is this what you want?” and so on.

Such techniques keep the users focused and make them feel like you are acknowledging them. So, speak with the Magento developers and highlight the things you need to, provide visual inputs, call to action etc. It is sure to go a long way in 2019 and for many more years to come.

Offer Bespoke Experiences

If someone asks me to name a company that serves the best personalized experiences, the first name to pop up in my mind would be – Google. Even if it is into data serving. The same applies to your Magento e-store. You need to offer product recommendations based on your customers’ choice, create customer specific products, offers, discounts, coupons etc. By doing so, you can ensure that your customers stay loyal to you and choose you over your competitors.

Whether your customers are buying from your brick and mortar store or from your website, you must serve them based on their choice. When you cater your customers with bespoke experiences and desirable products, you are sure to achieve your targets.

Go Live

Nowadays, it’s becoming quite common for ecommerce websites to Go Live. If you approach a Magento Development Company, they would definitely suggest you to add live video components to your ecommerce website. This is majorly because they work better and gain more viewership as compared to conventionally optimized videos.

If you want to boost your sales and get better customer testimonials, make the most out of live videos to showcase your latest services, products, launches and other offers. In case you do not want to go live directly from your website, you can redirect your visitors to your social media page.

Use Push Notifications

Pop ups and push notifications are the best way to increase customer outreach. They act as a doorway to send tailor made messages for the selected bunch of customers. And the best part? There is no fear of losing them in the spam or inbox. Several studies have proved that push notifications offer unbelievable sales.

All you need to do is hire Magento developer, ask them to provide you with push notification feature and keep your customers informed about the offers on your e-store. However, it is important to remember that you should use Push Notifications to engage with your customers and not overwhelm them. So, decide the intervals at which you wish to send the messages.

Guide through Organic Searches

It doesn’t just end with approaching a Magento Development company and having a web presence on the world wide web. You need to offer organic searches and smarter navigation to your customers. Speak with the developers of the company and ask them to provide you with filters, breadcrumbs, and auto complete options so that your website content becomes easy to find and access.

Also, as soon as there is a visitor on your website, the UI of your website must keep them involved so that they explore your website to the fullest. Remember, if there is no curiosity, it wouldn’t drive sales for you. So, top up your website with the best available features and functionalities.

Winding Up…

No matter how much the ecommerce sector evolves, Magento will never lag behind as a platform. Thanks to its open source technology and elegant features. If you want to implement any of the above features for your website, the developers at Biztech Consultancy would be more than happy to help you navigate.

So, whether you just want to have a over ecommerce trends or want further enhancements for your website, we would be more than happy to help!

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