Magento vs. OpenCart: Which One Should you Choose

When it comes to getting started with a new e-commerce entrepreneurial journey you will have to decide on a suitable e-commerce platform for your venture.

If you’re yet to decide which platform will be best suited for the business, one thing can be done is to explore the features of different platforms beforehand and then compare them with the options available in the market.

This piece will help you decide between two major competitors available in the market, Magento vs OpenCart. Magento is a popular choice among all the available options. Let’s explore and compare its features to decide what suits you best.

Each platform is different from one another and caters to a different set of requirements. You might be aware that all the popular e-commerce platforms have different pros and cons.

Let’s Compare Magento with OpenCart on Different Criteria

Both are open source e-commerce platform and this means that you can download them for free. Both are developed on PHP and use templates for uploading products. Both can be used globally as they support multiple languages and currencies.

Despite these similarities, there are a lot more differences between the two-

Features of Magento and OpenCart

Magento and OpenCart are good for any business size because both were developed to serve a larger user base. But when it comes down to doing a comparison on the efficiency of these platforms to support large businesses, Magento excels, and it’s far more developed and capable than OpenCart in serving big businesses.

If you are starting on a small scale and planning to expand your business later then Magento is undoubtedly a better choice. This is because its features allow it to handle larger traffic better than OpenCart.

Magento offers better customization options and superior features in comparison to the OpenCart.

Managing Inventor

Both the platforms are good in handling the larger inventories of e-commerce stores. Not many differences but still Magento is slightly better than OpenCart since it offers more extensions.


Well, this one is the most discussed about concerns in terms of e-commerce store business. Magento offers better security patches. Though both of the platforms tend to be great in the matter of security, as the success of any e-commerce platform relies on the fact how much secure it’s for the users.

Security is one such functionality that can’t be compromised and people, in general, are pretty much sensitive about the security offered by these platforms. Magento and OpenCart both perform fairly well in this. Magento has its new version Magento 2 which is better in terms of features and security. Go for Magento 2 migration service to move your website to the latest versions of the platform


Both being open source platforms and are free to download but you will have to pay the hosting charges. Magento will be expensive in comparison to the OpenCart since it’s a resource demanding platform.

So, in terms of comparison based on pricing basically i.e. hosting charges, OpenCart wins here.


Extensions are crucial for your web store to cover up with the lack of some tools and features that don’t come initially with these platforms and you have to add them later to the platforms. These features are required to add the extra functionalities to your platform for its enhanced performance.

Magento here again becomes a better choice because it offers a far wider library of useful extensions to add functionalities to your platform in comparison to the OpenCart. Without any doubt, Magento is better when it comes to extensions.


OpenCart is easy to install and more user-friendly wins in terms of usage. Installation of Magento needs help from a certified professional and it can’t be done by anyone without having a proper understanding of that platform. Without using Magento 2 development agency you might fail to install Magento platform if you wish to do that on your own.

OpenCart is easy you don’t need much assistance in the installation of this platform for your web store, unlike Magento that needs expert’s guidance and assistance.


Magento is fairly well supported and popular platform than the OpenCart. So, if you want to compare these two platforms on the basis of support and popularity, Magento wins with the more robust and bigger community to back it up and support.

From the SEO Point of View

OpenCart lags behind from Magento in this one too. Though it claims to be an SEO friendly platform, much development is due when it comes to performing some crucial SEO activities. So, according to the SEO point of view, Magento is still a winner.

Magento, on the other hand, is not restrictive of any kind of SEO activities and offers a lot of freedom in terms of performing SEO on this platform.


Other than these two major options some other useful platforms are also present in the market like WooCommerce, Shopify, Zen Cart. You will need to take help of the Magento web development agency to access your needs properly and help you in figuring out the right platform for your business.

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