Make the Best of Digital Marketing for Your Business

The great thing about digital marketing is that there are so many different methods that you can use. As a business, you can combine a wide range of digital marketing methods to extend your reach and you can still stay well within your marketing budget. In a nutshell, digital marketing allows you to compete with the bigger players on a global level without the need to have a ridiculously huge pot of money put aside for marketing.


Mixing & matching marketing methods


Our move into the digital era means that you can now access a wide range of different digital marketing solutions to meet the needs of your business. This makes it easy to mix and match marketing methods to achieve the best results. So, let’s take a look at a couple of the most popular forms of digital marketing used by smaller businesses:


Email marketing


Email marketing has been around for years. The difference is that it has become far more sophisticated – as have those that engage in this type of marketing. Most of us will have had experiences in the past where we received corporate emails that were clearly trying to sell us something. What did we do? That’s right – reach for the delete button and hit it with a vengeance without even opening the email.


These days, email marketing has become far more personalized and friendly with a range of design basics for email marketing to help you. Using methods such as the first name of the consumer, a conversational tone, and even a little humor makes marketing emails far more engaging for recipients. In fact, a study carried out by Experian in 2015 showed that 50 percent of businesses felt that personalization enabled them to boost email interaction.


When it comes to email newsletters, companies now use quality images, special offers, and engaging content to encourage recipients to read on. This even results in the emails being forwarded to others, which creates a snowball effect for your business.




A huge number of businesses these days maintain a blog. This is a great way to engage with your target audience and website visitors. In addition, posting links to your blog posts on social media platforms helps to drive traffic to your site. Of course, you can’t just produce any old rubbish in order to get people onto the site. All this will do is waste a minute or two of their time, as they will simply open the blog and then immediately close it again when they realize that it is meaningless.


What you need to do when it comes to your blog posts is create content that is highly engaging, relevant to your industry, and informal. Your blog posts should not be an opportunity for you to try and hard-sell your services and products. They should provide visitors with an enjoyable and interesting read. The information should be accurate, digestible, and even fun. Your blog posts can have a huge positive impact if they are engaging enough – if they’re not, they can have the opposite effect.


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