Make Your Mobile Web Design as Good as Your Desktop

It’s no surprise how much mobile phone technology has evolved since its inception. Considering the fact that how fast iPad was launched in the mid of 2010 and then Apple Watch was released in market in 2015, it can be safely assumed that even merely two years down the lane technology will be different from what it is today. So, what impact would it have on the web developers?

It will certainly become a bit difficult to create future-proof web designs. Also, if you are looking for your website to be ranked higher by your favorite search engine Google then you would have to ensure that the web design is mobile optimized too because Google does consider mobile-friendliness as one of the major factors while deciding where to rank a portal in mobile search results. Thus, it becomes extremely significant for you to integrate mobile strategies in every project you take up.

Bearing this, I have come up with few tips that would help you make the website as mobile responsive as achievable!

1.Think for now and future: When preparing a web design, you need to be very clear about your present as well as future goals. You would need to create such a website that if changes would be required to be made two years from now, you would be able to make alterations in the existing design instead of having to develop the entire portal again.

Consider the investing needs that would be required for developing a mobile app and you would see the pros that it has to offer!

2.Know what your audience use: Though most of the people have smart phone these days, do not assume that your audience would be using iPhone or Android. Either you should rely on the secondary statistics or you can conduct primary research if you have the budget to know which device your target customers are actually using. However, the most important thing to know is that what kind of internet connection they are using.

Knowing how much data they can dedicate to a particular website through their mobile phone would help you configure the design aptly.

3.Identify the behavior pattern and mobile usage: Do you think that mostly users are in a rush of going through the websites while they use then on their smart phones? You will be surprised to know that it is a misconception!

Mostly, people surf websites on their phone when they want to kill time or they are lying idle completely bored on their sofa at home. So, design your mobile web accordingly because your audiences spend as much, in fact more time on their mobile phone as much they did on desktop.

4. Understand the context of usage: If you are still thinking according the days when mobile phones were used for limited things and time and mostly desktops were considered when internet has to be used then you are making a big designing mistake. The time has changed and it has changed drastically.

These days most of the internet tasks are preferably performed by the people on their mobile phones. Whether it is about searching a query, getting directions for a particular place or staying connected over the social media, the first thing that comes to our mind is to check it out on the mobile phone. Isn’t it?

5.Keep your core content identical: Knowing your target audience is the key! Though people are increasingly using their mobile phones to surf websites, if they will not get the same experience as the desktop they would surely click on the ‘desktop version’ and that would fail your purpose of creating a mobile website.

Give your users a visually and structurally same experience as what they would get on their desktop and it would certainly become easy for you to retain them by offering them what they are expecting.

Now that you know the domino effect that your web design can have over your website’s popularity, ranking and responsiveness make sure you keep handy these few tips while designing the new website project for your client! Know this thing that creating a good mobile webs design could mean leaving a good first impression on your customers, and you do know how much the first impression matters.

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Comment by Alpesh Vaghasiya on July 10, 2019 at 4:48am

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