Make Your Music Go Viral with Social Media

The digital age has made becoming a professional musician easier and harder at the same time. On the one hand, it's become much easier to get your music out there, thanks to platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp, and thanks to digital audio software, you can record and edit your music from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, you and about a million other people are competing for the same online ears, and pirated music has become a fact of life. In any case, it's clear that the music industry has changed.

So how can you get your name and your music out there? That's an important question for any aspiring musician, especially when so many bands and individuals create amazing music without getting the recognition they deserve. Fortunately, online marketing and social media open up many new avenues you can take to improve your profile visibility and make yourself the next viral hit.

Expand Your Platform Coverage

One good way to build up your online reputation is to use multiple platforms at once. Not only does this increase the odds of someone stumbling across you, but it also lets you put each social media site to good use doing what it does best. Facebook is good as a home page, Twitter lets you announce new tracks and interact directly with fans, and Tumblr gives you a place to talk as much or as little as you like about what's going on in your life. You should also upload your music to every popular storefront for maximum exposure.

Diversify Your Products

You can reach a wider audience and make money from a variety of sources by creating and selling more than just music. After all, even the biggest bands in the world make a lot of their money through merchandising with T-shirts, mugs, posters, and other products while still keeping the music they produce as their core product. Thanks to digital stores that print products on demand, you can sell merchandise of your own without making a risky investment, and you can create other things, such as YouTube music videos and music tutorials to improve your exposure.

Understand Influencer Marketing

By becoming an influencer marketer, you can both improve your exposure and make some extra money on the side. Influencer marketing involves doing things such as endorsing the instruments and equipment you use to create your music and creating cross-promotion opportunities where you talk about a company's products in social media posts and the company links to your music in their posts. Musicians such as Jaytee Taquiso can get their instruments for free by endorsing the companies that make them in their YouTube videos.

In today's music landscape, increasing your exposure is just as important as creating good music people will want to listen to. If you want to make money by doing what you love and making your music go viral, it's important to understand how to approach social media and how to use influencer marketing to boost your exposure.

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