Make Your Office More Inviting to Impress Your Clients

An office that is dull and boring will make your clients feel unwelcomed. If you want your clients to look forward to visiting your office, you need to create an environment that encourages interaction and involvement. You want to make them feel as if they are a part of something big!

Here are some tips to make your office more inviting:

Keep It Clean!

Keep your office clean! Make sure the furniture is wiped free of dust and handprints on a daily basis. Do a quick sweep of the floors to eliminate any stray bits of trash that was brought in through shoes or blown in through an open door. Cleanliness is a sign of success, and your clients will recognize your willingness to always put your best foot forward.

Well Lit

Add decorative lighting to enhance the natural light that comes from the windows. Natural lighting is always the best, but when you bring in sharp looking fixtures, you can really add character to a room. Unique fixtures will add an ambiance to your office and can be used to highlight specific features.

Friendly Staff

Nothing makes an office more inviting than a smiling face on the other side of the desk. Encourage happiness. Give your office staff the little perks they need to feel wanted and appreciated. Add a wax burner or two to make the office smell as nice as it looks.

No matter how beautiful your office may be, if you don't have a warm and welcoming person behind the desk, you will lose the attention of the client rather quickly. Give your staff a reason to smile and the smiles they provide to your clients will be sincere and heartfelt.

Unique Furniture Style

Fill your waiting area with trendy and stylish furniture. Add a few decorative pieces and maybe a potted plant or two. Choose a furniture style that not only fits the purpose of the office but provides aesthetic benefits as well. Above all, the furniture you choose must be as comfortable as possible.

If you want your clients to feel welcomed, don't make them sit on furniture that is hard and uninviting. Comfort is key if you want a productive and warm environment.

Diploma Frames and Wall Art

Include wall art that is associated with the purpose of the business. If you have brightly colored furniture, you may choose to use a few black and white prints to add a little contrast. Whether you use one large portrait or several groupings of small photos, choose a theme that ties everything in the office together. As an added touch, place your professionally-crafted diploma frame amidst the art.

Add Accent Colors

While your office may have a specific color theme with varying shades of one color, add an accent color or two to keep things interesting. A touch of color can shake up a room and make it visually appealing. Accent colors are designed to attract attention. Maximize their potential and use them to highlight specific areas.

Stylish Flooring

Don't settle for plain flooring. Colorful carpet or tile with creative designs will make a bland room much more attractive. When people come to an office, they spend a portion of their time looking down. Give them something to appreciate. Look for flooring materials that accent the purpose and style of your office.

Minimize Clutter

Minimize the amount of clutter in your office. Replace magazines and other reading materials on a regular basis and donate the old copies to a nursing home. Letting stacks of magazines build-up can detract from the look of your office and actually make it feel less inviting. Add an extra trash can so that your clients don't have to go so far to throw away a cup or tissue.


Put a recycling container in the corner, so your clients know you care about the environment. Your clients won't have to feel guilty about throwing away a soda can or plastic bottle if they have a properly marked recycling receptacle ready for them. Place it as close to the beverage/snack area as possible for full effect.

There are many ways you can create a welcoming environment in your office. It doesn't take much to boost your staff's morale and create an office space they can be proud of! Take the time to evaluate your office. Take notice of things that detract from the beauty of your office and replace them.

Turn your office into a warm and inviting area so your clients will walk in with a smile and know that they are welcomed.

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