Manage your Marketing Projects With Task Management Software

Marketing involves a lot of hard work when it comes to retaining your present customer base and going all out to win over new customers and capturing new markets for the growth of your business.

It involves framing of tactics for short-term gains and formulation of strategies for the long-term gains in a business.

It involves performing a diverse set of tasks to impress your clients and customers and building your brand value.

It involves targeting your potential clients, arranging meetings with them and passing on to them brochures, pamphlets and other promotional material of your company. It also involves studying a particular segment of a market to launch your product.

It has now ventured into the social media field where sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are being comprehensively used to promote a company and market its products.

One key factor in this field is that you have to promote your products fast enough before they tend to lose their commercial value due to the changing market trends which can arise due to a variety of factors like your competitors coming up with better and improved products, limited budget of your company, etc.

The timely execution of your marketing campaign ensures that you are able to earn huge profits on a product before it loses its saleability. Only the profits earned this way are going to sustain your company in the long run.

In order to achieve this, attaining accurate and faster communication is the need of the hour.

For proper formulation and implementation of an organization’s policies, strategies and plans, marketing people of your company should be able to network freely amongst themselves as well as with the other departments of your organization like sales, production. Moreover, they have to communicate actively with the customers, sponsors, clients and others from time to time for achieving the same.

The traditional method of using emails as the primary mode of communication and using spreadsheets and arranging meetings for reviewing and analysis are not much of a help in managing complex market-related issues.

Emails are not able to sustain communication in those contexts where the communication tends to be multi channeled. There are problems related with responding to the email instructions issued by the various departments. Sometimes important email notifications about various issues are not even read. This creates problems and hurdles.

So there is a need to switch over to something better, something that is more organized and coordinated.

To achieve these objectives, companies and businesses need to adopt an aid or a system which will not only improve the standard of communication but also help them to organize and coordinate their tasks and activities better. It also makes it easy to redress the complex problems and issues fastly and conclusively.

What is a Task Management Software?

It is a web-based software that enables companies and organizations to execute their organizational tasks in a timely and enterprising manner. It is loaded with some very useful features which make it is easy to define, document and distribute tasks and activities which can be executed faster and with better accountability.

What are the merits of using it?

  • A task management software like ProofHub allows the employees, clients, customers, sponsors and other stakeholders in an organization to collaborate and coordinate over an issue. They can connect with each other easily and exchange ideas and views in an uninterrupted manner.

  • Its centralized structure imparts the users mobility by the virtue of which they can access and work from any distant location in the world through any of the devices such as tablet, desktop and mobile and at any time.

  • Its centralized base also makes it easy to exchange files, documents and other resources optimally.

  • Use of a dashboard feature allows a manager to peep into the activities and tasks performed at a particular time. He can review and rate the progress in a better way. He is able to know clearly which tasks have been completed and which are due.

  • Individuals who need to be involved in discussions on the affairs of an organization on a temporary basis, can be looped into the communication through emails for their timely and discrete views about a matter.

  • ProofHub allows formation of to-do lists using which tasks can be arranged in an ordered and organized manner. The employees who have been assigned tasks can receive email notifications about the deadlines associated with the tasks exactly 48 hours before they actually materialise. This helps to make the employees accountable for their tasks and promotes proper time management.

  • The companies can customize their accounts as per their brand and marketability. This helps them to become more receptive to the customers and clients. They can insert their logo and brand into the login screen of their account. They are able to connect to their company emotionally with the customized look and feel. This builds on their reputation in the market.

  • Using the discussions feature in ProofHub, few selected individuals can participate in discussions centering on a theme for its prompt redressal. Any number of knowledgeable and capable individuals can be added in a discussion depending on the requirement.

  • The safety of your resources is guaranteed. Your data remains safe from any crashes, accidents.

  • The archiving facility makes it easy to save, search and use older resources, conversations, tasks and activities for future referencing in implementing similar projects.

The prevalence of so many useful features helps in better organization and coordination in the organizational affairs which is so essential for an institution’s growth.

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