The workplace has become a source of everyday stress, as workers today are expected to do more and give their best with less. Is it possible to tick everything off your to-do list, maintain razor-sharp focus throughout the day, and still have energy to dedicate the rest of the day to yourself? People tend to stress out due to different reasons, such as disagreements with managers and bosses, rising demands, little or no control over their workload, shortage of time, and unfair pay. Some even may come to realize that being unemployed seems better under those terms.

How to keep it together and remain cool under such pressure? You shouldn't keep worrying that much, because it can only make you more anxious. There are opportunities and ways to change your job situation and empower yourself for the better.

#1 Breathe

It may seem naive, but you can achieve wonders by taking a moment to breathe deeply to clear your mind. When you feel anxious and feel the tension blazing around you like a forest fire, just stop, turn away from your desk, and clear your head with just a few minutes of deep breathing. Inhale for 5 seconds through the mouth, hold it in, and then exhale for 5 seconds through the nose to restore balance. In a few minutes, you will feel the fire is out.

#2 Action Instead of Reaction

Once we start feeling that situations are out of our control, we experience stress. Cortisol (the stress hormone) levels spike, which wears down our well-being, concentration, and confidence when it occurs on a regular basis. You should stop and look at the stressful situation from every possible aspect, and identify the aspects you can and can't control. When it comes to the ones you can control – give your best and be impeccable. As for the others – let go and don't stress about them.

#3 Choose Your Friends

When it comes to job satisfaction, your coworkers can play a major role. There are those who do a lot of complaining and are always stressed out, and if you surround yourself with them, it’s likely that you’ll become a part of that chain. Instead, choose to befriend relaxed and supportive co-workers who you find fun to be around. They can provide moral support or even help you from time to time with a heavy workload. Social support can have an opposite effect as well, because sometimes people help us just to indicate their superiority or simply help us when we don’t need the help. There should be no obligation for the person who receives help to return it, as social support needs to be given freely (not because someone is superior to their co-workers).

#4 Eliminate Unnecessary Interruptions

Instant messages, phone calls, and emails – we all have a smartphone in our pocket, so we know what that means. We are bombarded with information and notifications every day, which distracts us from the important things, such as the projects at work. Even though you can’t control those interruptions, what you can control is your response. So, the next time your phone starts ringing – accept the interruption and diagnose it as important or unimportant. If you think the matter can wait, cut it off. Many of them can be anticipated, as they are recurring. If you are available to talk to others, set up office hours for that. If not, close the door. That will train your co-workers to know when you’re available and when you need time to focus on your work. If you’re working in Australia, you can turn to psychologists in Sydney who can help you learn not to respond to every possible interruption that comes your way.

#5 Stop Seeking Approval

Doing this leads to self-imposed stress. If you’re doing this, learn to stop by building your own self-confidence. After all, the only person that you can rely on the most is – yourself. You can’t control other people’s perception of you, and if you’re too caught up in that, you’ll constantly be stressed out and anxious, or participate in procrastination as a kind of avoidance behavior. Instead of paying attention and thinking about other’s perception of your work, shift the focus on the work itself. You’ll perform better, be more productive, and are more likely to impress.

Tens of thousands of thoughts go through your mind every day. Are you going to stop and analyze each one of them? Or get stressed when you realize that there’s not enough time in the world for that? It’s not just external events that stress us out. There’s also internal negativity that can hold us down. Instead of worrying about other people or being too critical and harsh on yourself, turn a new leaf and pump your confidence up. Nurture encouraging thoughts and motivate yourself to do your best and not let others ruin your days.

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