Master the Art of Persuading Your Clients

From libraries stacked with numerous books to online articles to training workshops, businesses strive to learn that one secret of perfecting client persuasion. To be honest, you don’t need any Jedi mind tricks to get your clients to walk your walk and talk your talk. It’s just simple psychology and the will to go that extra mile to deliver, and before you know it, you have the client on your side. Once your client gets the idea that you’re there to help them and your interests are solely what their interests are, they will be ready to let you help them.   

Here are four tips to help you win a client with all the right reasons:

Hear Your Client Out

You enter the conference room and without paying any regard to the person sitting before you, you start forcing your personal agenda right in their face. How likely is it that they’ll want to work with you? Not very likely, to be honest. If your goal here is to solely force your client into agreeing with you, you are more than welcoming resistance from their side. The most important thing here is that you get to know your client, the direction they want to move in and what exactly they expect of you. Focusing on details is essential, for sometimes the smallest details matter the most. Even things like your client’s favorite color or the film that they think moved them can help you understand your client’s preferences and personality better. Active listening is a skill that requires practice and once you acquire it, understanding your client becomes as easy as ABC. Active listening is not just about listening closely; you’ll also be figuring out customer ‘pain points’ and coming up with ways to help your client tackle them.  

Highlight the Possible Risks

Now that you’ve understood your client’s needs and you know what direction they are headed in, instead of counting the benefits they will be receiving by choosing your product/services, show them the possible risks of heading in a certain direction and how you can help them avoid those consequences and achieve their goals effectively. Fear is not only the strongest emotion, it is also a very powerful motivator, as proven by clinical studies. Fear of failure will make them resort to you to come up with a solution that is efficient and ensures a higher success rate. The possible consequences should be highlighted in a factual and subtle way, which will show that you actually care for the client and are looking out for them. Doing so will help you earn your client’s trust and make sure to provide them with the best solution possible.

Be Honest About the Benefits

Now that you have your client’s attention, it’s just the right time to explain everything you have to offer, but remember to not turn into a typical salesperson merely reciting the benefits. Present the benefits subtly as useful information that you think the client needs to know. Take your time to explain how the benefits can help the other party achieve their important strategic goals. Also, keep in mind to not promise more than what you can cater. Be wise enough to acknowledge your shortcomings. Being honest creates an air of transparency between the two parties and the client starts to see you as a trustworthy partner who is willing to give their 100% to cater to the business needs.

Make It about Mutual Purpose

To be successful with your clients, you have to be nice to them — a person who knows how to empathize. Be humble enough to understand your customer’s point of view, see through their eyes, and make it known that their suggestions are appreciated and it’s the two of you against the problem. The whole idea is to work with your customer as a team and build mutual purpose to co-create options and potential solutions. Doing so makes the customer feel an essential part of the problem-solving strategy, ensuring cooperation, hence minimizing room for possible future objections. This will not only make things easier for you, but also for your customer. Deploy different feedback tools such as live chat software to understand what your clients want so that you can come up with better solutions and processes. The bottom line is that selling your product is no rocket science – when you replace the passion to just blindly sell with the passion to cater. Be honest with them regarding the benefits and possible risks, and put forward the best options for them, they will have all the right reasons to work with you and trust you. You’ll have loyal customers who are sure to stick around for a long time and put a positive word for you out there.

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