Mobile Advertising Tools in the Real World

Technological progress and  the rapid world wide advocacy of mobile products has changed brand's approach to everything from marketing to product design in an innovative fashion. One of the inspiring advantages of this mobile revolution is the business's capability to supply sales teams with new tools to calculate necessities, come up with solutions, make estimates etc  to work simultaneously with the clients. Possibly one of the main driving factors of sales enablement mobile apps is its capacity to demonstrate the ROI in both increasing revenue and faster actions.


A crucial part of a good sales authorizing app is the ability to line up and order mobile technology with a brand’s channel plans and transaction flows. It is suggested that the brand makes groundwork of the plans in advance  This is done to understandably state what the business's sales goals are per vertical, and then for the business to work together with it's sales team to comprehend where a brand new sales tool can add value, reduce pain points and also even minimise the sales cycle.


Forix's mobile team introduced a brand new powerful tool for Franklin Controls Systems not long ago. Franklin Controls inspite of being the ingenious leader  in control systems did not have a solution to completely aid its sales team and distributors in the field. The Transaction and sales operations were difficult, taking too much time and depended to a great degree on their capacity toceaselessly  design the skills and comfort levels of the distribution partners.


By combining the brand's  Magento e-commerce platform with that of a native sales authorizing app, Forix designed a new advanced app for Franklin Control Systems which supplied all the tools needed for propelling ahead to get more sales. This app is a well built transaction tool that allows customers to state their exact  their needs, and allows sales associates to provide customized product proposals. Also incorporated for the use of both sales & distribution teams was a complete product archive and a technical library available both online and offline to be used anywhere.


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