New Daily Habits: 30 Days to Super Success

Habits. We’ve all got some great ones and some really bad ones. The ability to quickly and consistently create new habits is a major factor in anyone’s success.

Studies and research has found that it takes us 21-40 days of consistent, daily action to create a new habit, and a little longer if we are not taking daily action. When setting a new goal or target, personally or professionally, one of the easiest ways to reach it, is to set a new habit. Here are some examples:

Goal: Pay off a credit card debt

New Daily Habits: (1) commit to  using cash only for 30 days (2) create a “warrior line” or debt ceiling and refuse to go over it

Goal: Book one new creative gig this month

New Daily Habits: (1) invest 20 minutes every morning reviewing your promo materials to make sure they are your best work and in-line with your personal brand  (2) reach out to 1 person every day for collaboration or partnership

Goal: Sign 3 new clients or contracts this month

New Daily Habits: (1) spend 30 minutes every morning marketing to attract new clients  (2) set aside time every day to review one of the following: your message, your materials or your plan

Goal: To Lose 10 pounds

New Daily Habits: (1) run or walk for 20 minutes on the treadmill 5x/week  (2) no food after 8pm

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